TCI Organizational Members
27 May 2019

On Oct 16, 2018, the General Assembly of members of the TCI Network took place in Toronto, during the 2018 Global Conference.

27 May 2019

The 22nd TCI Global Conference will take place the 8-10 October 2019 in Antwerp, Flanders.

27 May 2019

From 8 to 10 October 2019 the TCI Network is gathering in Antwerp (Belgium) for THE cluster conference of the year, hosted by Flanders Innovation & Entrepreneurship (VLAIO) and Flanders Investment and Trade. 
In Antwerp, experts from around the globe will be gathering in a forum setting—while...

27 May 2019

The third TCI Learning Group Digitization “Smart digital Ecosystems through Clusters” meeting will take place on May 27-28 at the TCI Network & ACCIO Premises in Barcelona. If you are interested in taking part in the meeting, we kindly ask you to register through the following link: TCI Learning...

27 May 2019

The TCI Cluster Evaluation Working Group met in Malmö, Sweden on 15-16 April, hosted by Region Skåne, as part of EU Cluster Weeks. 36 participants from 19 regions in 12 countries shared experiences and engaged in discussions on two main themes: new approaches to monitoring regional cluster...

27 May 2019

The TCI Global Webinar 1/ 2019 “How to incorporate clusters into existing economic development work” became a huge success with more than 130 economic development professionals from 40 countries around the globe registered.

Two recognized clusters experts from the TCI Network, Sandy Baruah...


11 CLAC - 11th TCI Latin American Cluster Conference, Panama, 21-23 November 2018

Panama 21 - 23 November 2018

22nd TCI Network Global Conference, Antwerp, Flanders

Belgium , Antwerp, Flanders 8 - 10 October 2019

TCI European Conference 2018, Sofia, Bulgaria

, Sofia, Bulgaria, Europe 20 - 23 March 2018

Confluence Water Technology Innovation Cluster

United States - North America Environmental goods and services

Confluence Water Technology Innovation Cluster wants to improve collaboration to establish the region as a global leader in sustainable, environmental technology innovation, with an initial...

The BlueTechValley 

United States - North America Environmental goods and services

The BlueTechValley aims to be globally recognized for water and energy innovation and technology commercialization. The BlueTechValley will strategically leverage the region’s unique environment,...

Nevada Center of Excellence in Water

United States - North America Environmental goods and services

The Nevada Center of Excellence (COE) is an independent team of stakeholders focused on Water. Through collaboration and the use of best practices, COE endeavors to explore water issues as...