TCI Organizational Members
North America
19 January 2018

We are pleased to announce that the 21st TCI Global Conference 2018 will be held in Toronto, Canada on 16-18 October 2018.

19 January 2018

We are proud to have shared with him our 20-year history of the TCI Network-The Competitiveness Institute and have counted on his generous support and advice through the years in our conferences and chairing our Board of Advisors.




21 November 2017

Many interesting presentations were given by the speakers during the 20th TCI Global Conference in Bogota, Colombia. The TCI conference material is a great working tool for cluster practitioners helping them to advance in their professional development. In order to make this material accessible...

02 October 2017

TCI has chosen Sofia, Bulgaria as the location and host for its European Conference in 2018. As a Regional Conference of TCI, it will support the reinforcement of TCI in Europe by promoting closer ties among cluster practitioners in the region as well as by facilitating an open exchange of...


Clusters3 Interregional Conference in Riga

Latvia , Riga 18 - 19 October 2017

The Clusters3 project partners meet for the 5th Interregional Workshop in Riga.This time the meeting combines with INTER-COMP-INNO Conference. INTER-COMP-INNO is an international conference with...

TCI Cluster Evaluation Group

The TCI Cluster Evaluation working group seeks to capture some of this learning, develop overall frameworks and share different techniques to show the value of collaboration and return on investment.

TCI Latin American Chapter

The TCI Latin America Chapter was officially launched on 1 June 2012 on the occasion of the 7CLAC in Monterrey. It aims to generate synergies and joint actions among cluster practitioners and...

Confluence Water Technology Innovation Cluster

United States - North America Environmental goods and services

Confluence Water Technology Innovation Cluster wants to improve collaboration to establish the region as a global leader in sustainable, environmental technology innovation, with an initial...

The BlueTechValley 

United States - North America Environmental goods and services

The BlueTechValley aims to be globally recognized for water and energy innovation and technology commercialization. The BlueTechValley will strategically leverage the region’s unique environment,...

Nevada Center of Excellence in Water

United States - North America Environmental goods and services

The Nevada Center of Excellence (COE) is an independent team of stakeholders focused on Water. Through collaboration and the use of best practices, COE endeavors to explore water issues as...