TCI Organizational Members
18 December 2014

2014 is approaching its end, and many of you will enjoy a quieter period anywhere between the beaches of Australia and Christmas trees in Sweden. One of my colleagues once told me that at this time of the year you should look back at the previous 12 months and remind yourself of the events and...

18 December 2014

Save the dates for 3 TCI conferences scheduled so far in 2015:

  • 2n TCI Australasian Cluster Conference, Sydney, 17 April
  • 8th TCI Latin American Cluster Conference, Medellin, Colombia, 16-19 June
  • 18th TCI Global Conference, Daegu, Korea, 3-6 November
17 December 2014

As announced already, the outputs of the work of the TCI Cluster Evalution Working Group so far have been collated into a booklet, describing the workshops and sharing the results. It can easily be downloaded. It's great to see it all pulled together and reminds me how much we have done over the...

26 November 2014

With our 2015 conferences already in development, it is now time to think about more activities ahead. TCI invites members to consider whether you and your colleagues are interested in hosting a next meeting of the TCI Network in your city and region during 2016. If interested, send us your...


TCI Cluster Evaluation Group

The TCI Cluster Evaluation working group seeks to capture some of this learning, develop overall frameworks and share different techniques to show the value of collaboration and return on investment.

TCI Oceania Chapter

The TCI Oceania Chapter aims to create a sense of community among cluster practitioners and organizations from Australia, New Zealand, Micronesia, Papua New Guinea and the Pacific Islands, and to...

TCI Gender & Innovation Group

The TCI Gender & Innovation Group seeks to discuss what role clusters can play to increase the competitiveness of their industries by looking into gender&diversity as innovation factors.


Confluence Water Technology Innovation Cluster

United States - North America Environmental goods and services

Confluence Water Technology Innovation Cluster wants to improve collaboration to establish the region as a global leader in sustainable, environmental technology innovation, with an initial...

The BlueTechValley 

United States - North America Environmental goods and services

The BlueTechValley aims to be globally recognized for water and energy innovation and technology commercialization. The BlueTechValley will strategically leverage the region’s unique environment,...

Nevada Center of Excellence in Water

United States - North America Environmental goods and services

The Nevada Center of Excellence (COE) is an independent team of stakeholders focused on Water. Through collaboration and the use of best practices, COE endeavors to explore water issues as...