TCI Organizational Members
11 July 2014

The TCI Network is pleased to offer a new platform for cluster and competitiveness practitioners to increase their knowledge, visibility and networking facilities. The brand new website is enriched with many new features.

09 July 2014

During the Monterrey TCI 2014 Conference, you will be able to participate in one of cluster tours. Cluster tours are a 1-day event where conference delegates will get an in-depth understanding of the clusters they visit. The tours start at 08.00 in the morning and end around 17.00.

05 June 2014
The TCI Oceania Chapter organized the TCI Australasian Cluster Conference on the theme of "How clusters can reinvigorate Australian regions & industry" and held in Sydney on 30 May. TCI Board member Richard Walker summarizes the main findings of the event.



TCI Oceania Chapter

Following the initial meeting of TCI members in Australia in June 2013, the visit of Örjan Sölvell in October 2103 and a very good representation of cluster practitioners from Australia during the...

TCI Cluster Evaluation Group

The TCI Cluster Evaluation working group seeks to capture some of this learning, develop overall frameworks and share different techniques to show the value of collaboration and return on investment.

17th TCI Global Conference, Monterrey 2014

"Creating shared value through clusters for a sustainable future"

Mexico , Monterrey 10 - 13 November 2014

TCI Network has chosen Monterrey as the next venue for the 17th TCI Global Conference. It will be held on 10-13 November 2014 and hosted by our organizational member SEDEC-Ministry of Economic...


Central Maryland BioHealth Regional Innovation Cluster

United States - North America Health

The BioHealth Regional Innovation Cluster (H-RIC) model of Central Maryland is a regional, cluster-based economic development model that addresses the challenges to innovation by providing the...

İzmir Atatürk Organized Industrial Zone Machine Metal and Casting Cluster

Turkey - Middle East & North Africa Mechanical equipment machinery

The Cluster Project decision was taken by IAOSB (Izmir Ataturk Organized Industrial Zone) Executive Board in order to increase Zone members’ competitive advantage and generate common solutions to...

Iceland Geothermal

Iceland - Europe Energy

Iceland Geothermal Cluster Initiative is an industry-driven cluster cooperation in the field of geothermal energy in Iceland. The purpose of the organization is to stimulate competitiveness within...