Name: Werner

Surname: Pamminger

Organization: Business Upper Austria

Type of organization: Program on clusters & competitiveness / Cluster region & community / network & alliance of clusters

Country: Austria

Short bio: Since October 2012, Werner Pamminger is member of the Board of Directors of TCI. He is an experienced executive and senior consultant. After a couple of years in industry (eg Siemens) as an engineer, Werner became in 2006 the CEO of Clusterland Upper Austria and then Business Upper Austria – the Upper Austrian regional development agency with a focus on cluster and network management. He is responsible for 130 employees and an annual budget of about 16 mil €. Werner is an internationally renowned expert in cluster management. Clusterland Upper Austria is considered as a role model of excellent and successful cluster management within Europe. In the plastics industry, he has been establishing the Upper Austrian Plastics Cluster since 1999 (a plastic industrial network of about 400 contributing companies). Werner's main competences are situated in the fields of general management, project management, institutional development, workshop trainings and moderation. He serves in various expert groups and boards. Werner has both a science (M.Sc. in automation engineering, University of Applied Science, Wels) and a business administration (M.B.A. University of Toronto) university degree, various training and education in organisational development and lived/worked in the United States for 1 year. Werner lives with his wife and two sons in Upper Austria.