Recomended as speaker


Name: Jaime

Surname: Echeverri

Organization: Medellin & Antioquia Cluster Community

Type of organization: Regional or local development agency

Country: Colombia

Short bio:

Jaime Echeverri was member of the Board of Directors of TCI Network from 2010 to 2016. Jaime Echeverri is Vice President of Planning and Development at the Medellin Chamber of Commerce. He was responsible for the organization of the TCI Latin American Conference 5CLAC 2010 in Medellín. He is one of the promoters of the TCI Latin American Chapter and also of the Colombian Network of Clusters. He led the competitiveness plan for Medellín and Antioquia some years ago, in the framework of an agreement between private and public sector. He has been the president of the Territorial Planning Council for Medellin and an active promoter of national and international cooperation for development. His professional focus as Vice President of Planning and Development at the Medellín Chamber of Commerce is oriented to the promotion of innovation and business, under this purpose he is part of boards in some regional institutions. He has been professor of macroeconomics and international business at local universities, has conducted research on regional development and has developed more than 20 publications in issues related to development, competitiveness and employment. He is an economist and holds a M.A. on Rural Development from the University of East Anglia, Norwich, England and a Specialization degree in Industrial Development for Rural Areas from the Urban-Regional Development Studies Center, Rehovot, Israel.