Name: David

Surname: Fernández Terreros

Organization: SPRI Basque Business Development Agency – Government of the Basque Country

Type of organization: Regional or local development agency

Country: Spain

Short bio: SPRI is the business development agency created in 1981 by the Basque Government to provide back-up and services to Basque industry. SPRI is the parent of a group of companies which provide a response to the requirements of a business project from the first idea to actual implementation of the project. SPRI also uses certain instruments which allow our small and medium-sized enterprises access to information technology, outward movements on overseas projects, location within business environments which are suited to the specific needs of each sector, and use of venture capital funds to finance innovative and strategic projects. SPRI is a company associated with the Basque Government´s Department of Industry, Trade and Tourist Affairs. It has some 150 employees, who provide services through the various companies in the group located in the three historical Basque territories. The operating structure of the organisation is defined in accordance with the needs established as priorities by Industrial Policy at any time. SPRI bases its work along 4 strategic lines - Innovation, Globalisation, Industrial Development and the Information Society. To carry out this task, a number of programmes and other activities have been arranged for small and medium-sized Basque enterprises. Some mention must likewise be made of the companies forming part of the Group: SPRILUR, which provides suitable and industrial facilities, the TECHNOLOGY PARKS, one in Bizkaia, another in Gipuzkoa and a third in Álava, providing state-of-the-art environments for companies which require these features; SOCIEDAD DE CAPITAL RIESGO, which administers funds as minority and temporary stockholdings in business projects; and lastly the BUSINESS INNOVATION CENTRES at a number of locations in the Autonomous Community of the Basque Country, which smoothen the process of creation and development of company projects until these have reached maturity.