Name: Marco

Surname: Llinas

Organization: Bogota Chamber of Commerce

Type of organization: Regional or local development agency

Country: Colombia

Short bio:

Marco A. Llinás is the Vice President for Competitiveness and Shared Value at the Bogota Chamber of Commerce, where he leads a cluster-based development agenda for Bogota that currently includes 13 cluster initiatives, articulated with a Regional Innovation Smart Specialization Strategy.

Formerly, as Vice President at the Colombian Private Council on Competitiveness, he has been one of the leading voices behind the definition and implementation of Colombia’s National Competitiveness Agenda, which included, among others, the following areas: modern industrial policy; science, technology, and innovation policy; and cluster-based development agendas.

Mr. Llinás also led the Colombian Cluster Network (Red Cluster Colombia), which aims at articulating the more than 80 cluster initiatives around the country, in order to exchange best practices as well as create synergies between them. He holds a Master in Public Administration in International Development from the Harvard Kennedy School, as well as a Master in Economics and a BS in Industrial Engineering from Los Andes University.