Name: Region of Southern Denmark

Type of organization: Regional or local ministry / Government department


Region of Southern Denmark is one of five Regions in Denmark. The Regions major tasks are Health (primarily hospitals, practitioners, public health insurance) Social Care (primarily facilities for citizens with a physical or mental handicap) Psychiatry (outpatient treatment and 24-hour care) and Regional Development (business, education and culture, nature, environment and public transportation). Annual total budget is 2.7 billion EUR. The Region employs around 25,000 people. 90 % of the budget is allocated to health service.

Regional Development

The Region of Southern Denmark is to take the initiative to assure regional development that lays down the ideal basis for citizens and the business community to make the region an active and dynamic area.


For this purpose the Region of Southern Denmark acts at the policy level and has developed a Regional Growth and Development Strategy. The region provides results through cooperation with municipalities, businesses, educational institutions and other regional actors. The region have financial means to support regional development and growth initiatives, and through the Regional Growth Forum they priorities the use of European Structural Fond in accordance with the regional business development strategies.  Clusters play a central role for the regional economic development. The Regional Growth and Development Strategy focuses on key clusters in the region within welfare tech, sustainable energy, and experience industry working towards increasing growth


Regional Growth Forum

The Regional Growth Forum operate at the strategic policy level and are made up of representatives of the regional council, the local authorities, the knowledge institutions, the business community and commercial organisations. It is to play a key role, with direct influence on the business development of the region. The 20 members of the growth forum are appointed by the regional council on the basis of nominations from the local authorities and organisations.


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Region of Southern Denmark