Name: KICOX - Korea Industrial Complex Corp.

Type of organization: National development agency


KICOX - Korea Industrial Complex Corp. is a sole, public and national level industrial complexes' management and supervising agency established in 1997 after integrating 5 regional complex management corporations operating independently. KICOX is headquartered in Daegu City and configured as 6 regional headquarters and 18 branch offices nationwide. KICOX has been operating an industrial complex-based cluster program targeting all industrial complexes nationwide since 2005. The project to strengthen competitiveness of industrial complexes has established and operated 65 "mini-clusters(the industry-academia-research labs alliance composed according to industry/technical field)" that find and provide support for solutions to problems coming from overall corporate activities covering technology development, marketing, and management all the time.




39, Cheomdan-ro, Dong-gu, Daegu


Korea, Republic Of


Main Contact
Eunhee Jung

National development agency

KICOX - Korea Industrial Complex Corp.

Cluster Support Team, Industrial Support Service Department

Korea, Republic Of