Name: FEMAC - Future Emerging and Modern Agriculture in Catalonia

Type of organization: Cluster organization / Business network


FUTURE EMERGING & MODERN AGRICULTURE IN CATALONIA Agriculture in the 21st century faces multiple challenges: it has to produce more food and fiber to feed a growing population with a smaller rural labour force, more feedstocks for a potentially huge bioenergy market,adopt more efficient and sustainable production methods and adapt to climate change. After more than one decade, FEMAC has decided to integrate a Smart Specialization Strategy in the Cluster to better respond to complex Agricultural development challenges through the following approaches: Rejuvenating farm machinery sector through higher value-added activities and new market niches; Modernizing by adopting and disseminating new technologies (KETs) like photonics, electronics and GIS & GPS; Developing new economic activities through radical technological change and breakthrough innovations; and Exploiting new forms of innovation such as open and user-led innovation, social innovation and service innovation. To be able to accost it, in 2015, FEMAC is launching a new Strategic Plan to become the Agricultural Production Means Cluster, including other linkage sectors related to the same agricultural value chain , not only to gain the enough critical mass as a cluster but also to improve their connections and cooperation with other regions, clusters and innovation players.


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Main Contact
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Enric Pedrós

Cluster organization / Business network

FEMAC - Future Emerging and Modern Agriculture in Catalonia

I joined FEMAC , The Cluster of Agricultural Machinery in Catalonia, Spain in 1998. Since then I have been involved in agricultural machinery business , particularly in the areas of International...

Administrative Contact
Elisabeth Molina Sanchez

Cluster organization / Business network

FEMAC - Future Emerging and Modern Agriculture in Catalonia

Graduate in Business Administration by the University of Lleida. Master in business Administration MBA in EAE Business School. Training in Cluster Management by IESE Business School in Summer...