Name: TechnologyMountains e. V.

Type of organization: Cluster organization / Business network


Technology Mountains makes companies to trailblazers, because our community pushes boundaries! 200 companies are already convinced of the network advantages. Together they represent pioneers and the combined technological and innovative strength of the German southwest. Our members are experts and considered global market leaders in in a wide range of fields. We particularly focus on challenges in micro technologies, metal and plastic processing and material engineering. Crossing traditional boundaries, TechnologyMountains provides access to expertise in precision engineering, automotive, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering and medical technology. TechnologyMountains sees itself as a link between business and science – building bridges and fostering collaboration in cross-disciplinary development projects. This way the technological leadership position of its members is secured and developed. Our goal is the systematic promotion of synergies – driving innovation and networking to the next level. We assist businesses growing their market share and ensure its global competitiveness. Only together, we can succeed long term, securing jobs and expanding our joint vision for the future.


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Main Contact
Yvonne Glienke

Cluster organization / Business network

TechnologyMountains e. V.

Yvonne Glienke is the chief executive officer of TechnologyMountains since 2010. In 2011 she prepared the foundation of the MedicalMountains AG, one part of TechnologyMountains. Yvonne Glienke...