Name: Cali Chamber of Commerce

Type of organization: Regional or local development agency


The Clusters Initiatives program of the Cali Chamber of Commerce is composed of 7 Clusters (Beauty and Personal Care, Bioenergy, Clinical Excellence, Fashion Industry, Macrosnacks, White Protein and Urban Habitat). These industries represent 47.2% of the sales of the Department (Valle del Cauca).


The 7 Cluster Initiatives are composed of 4,242 companies, which registered revenues of USD 15.937 million in 2017, which is equivalent to 62% of the region's GDP.


The Cluster Team of the Cali Chamber of Commerce is composed of an Economic and Competitiveness Director, a Cluster and Productive Transformation Manager, a Cluster Initiative Coordinator, 7 Economic Analysts (one for each cluster), an Economic Assistant and Administrative Assistant.


The Cluster Initiatives team works together with the companies in the design and execution of projects related to innovation, sophistication and access to new markets, based on the action plan of each Initiative


Calle 8 #3-14



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Main Contact
Johana Padilla

Cali Chamber of Commerce