Published on 22 October 2018
12 March 2018 - 14 December 2017

Future Place Leadership together with Quercus Group, one of the world’s leading cluster developers, will be organising a 3 day Masterclass on clusters: how to build, manage and brand world class clusters. (March 12-14, Copenhagen)

The Masterclass that combines the discipline of building strong impactful cluster organisations with the discipline of building strong regional brands that stands out in the global competition for talents and investments.


  • What are the necessary steps and tools for building successful cluster organisations with true impact? 
  • How to use clusters for promoting internationalisation and exports? 
  • How to strategically position clusters as attractive hubs for investments and talent? 
  • How to build a cluster brand and identity that is strongly anchored in and supported by public, private and academia actors?
  • And more. 


More info and registration (early bird deadline December 15th)