Lublin Enterprise Cluster est. 2008 as the result of collaboration of a group of Lublin Enterprises (including SEBRUK, TRAKT). Each of the founding companies brought shared its knowledge, business contacts, contractor relations and enthusiasm for the joint implementation of Cluster’s objective of "Building a strong brand using cluster synergies". Cluster Manager is a graduate of the Faculty of Fundamentals of Technology and Management, Technical University of Lublin (specialization in Entrepreneurship and Marketing) and University of Navarre in Pamplona, Spain. Author of publications in the field of outsourcing, speaker at scientific conferences and owner of a private company specialized in modern technologies and construction. “When creating Lublin Enterprise Cluster we focused on trust, cooperation and mutual support in the field of services, processes and know-how. All the members benefit from this form of cooperation. We invite all businesses, institutions and organizations to join our initiative. " Objectives of Lublin Enterprise Cluster: 1. platform for the exchange of information, communication and cooperation between participants and other companies, universities, institutions, offices, government organizations of Lublin 2. joint marketing of services outside of the Cluster 3. mutual provision of services within and outside the Cluster 4. knowledge transfer within the Cluster 5. joint business projects, education, training and research in order to reduce costs 6. joint implementation of projects and investments, where a single entity belonging to the cluster would not have been able to realize alone 7. obtain external funding sources 8. promote the idea of Clustering 9. optimization of operating costs and cost reduction Outsourcing 10. popularization of modern techniques and technologies within the Cluster 11. Cluster members increase innovation through the introduction of innovative products and services 12. gain competitive advantage in the local and national economy. Our mission: "satisfy the individual needs of each client, through collaboration within the cluster."

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