Subcarpathian Renewable Energy Cluster’s (in Polish: Podkarpacki Klaster Energii Odnawialnej, PKEO) actions aim at creating a strong and uniform representation of the interests of entrepreneurs, investors, research and development (R&D) units as well as other entities working for the development of the environmentally friendly power industry based on renewable energy sources. The cluster gathers entrepreneurs, Rzeszow universities, business support institutions and administration units. The main PKEO’s activities focus on winning new partners, observing and analyzing domestic and foreign experiences (good practices of RES) as well as improving contact and communication mechanisms. One of the important assumptions of the strategy is the creation of joint products based on innovative solutions developed with the participation of R&D units of partner universities. Benefits for the members: • strong and influential group of partners; • access to R&D base, business contacts and sectoral news; • participation in the creation and implementation of joint products and solutions; • strengthening market position and positive image of the company; • presentation of the company potential on PKEO websites; • consistent outside representation of cluster members’ interests.

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