Latin America has gained presence in TCI Network over the past years; today it ranks second in number of members after Europe with 17% of TCI members coming from this region.Therefore, this chapter is an opportunity to strengthen ties between Latin American practitioners through strategic projects designed to face their challenges as a region.


The TCI Latin America Chapter was officially launched on 1 June 2012 on the occasion of the 7CLAC in Monterrey. It aims to generate synergies and joint actions among cluster practitioners and organizations of Latin America, as part of TCI as a global network.


Strategic areas:

1. Networking

a. Increase the participation of Latin American regions in TCI Network and its activities in Latin American.

b. Motivate potential collaborations with cluster organizations, institutions, multilateral organizations and networks with presence in Latin America.

c. Motivate potential collaborations with other TCI Chapters and members.


2. Knowledge

a. Generate initiatives to share specialized knowledge and good practices on regional development and clusters.

b. Give strategic and technical support to the annual TCI Latin American Cluster Conferences.


3. Global visibility

a. Reinforcement of international visibility of Latin American regions through TCI media.

b. Showcase contents on clusters and regional competitiveness of TCI Latin American members.


Members of the Latin America Committee, Medellin, November 2013

TCI members in Latin America