TCI has two different types of membership:

* A cluster organization is an organisation involving companies, research organisations and/or government agencies with the objective to enhance the growth and competitiveness of a cluster‏.

 ** Developing countries: low or lower-middle-income economies according to the World Bank classification.


About the membership fees

TCI is a private non-for-profit association financed through annual membership fees. Members are committed with the objectives of the organization and contribute to the support of the association by paying the annual fees. The fees are established by the General Assembly of members which is the supreme body of the organization and meets once a year. Membership fees have remained stable over the last years.


Duration & renewal

A membership year runs from January 1 to December 31, regardless the month the membership was formalized. The annual membership is automatically renewed at the beginning of the year and members receive a notification and invoice from TCI Secretariat.