TCI is pleased to have gathered from its network a group of mentors, who are very experienced cluster and competitiveness practitioners. They come from all over the world and have been planning and conducting cluster initiatives and programs over many years. The TCI mentors also cover a wide range of different industries and are much used to working in an international environement.


If you are interested in becoming a TCI Mentor, please contact our Board member Klaus Haasis:

Iulia Artamonova

Iulia is a founder of the regional center of cluster development in Penza Region, Russia. Recently, she developed 5 clusters operating in her region.

Christoph Beer

Christoph has been working for more than 25 years in the field of innovation, clusters and technology transfer. He was during 13 years the manager of the ICT Cluster Bern and is board member of the Consulting Cluster in Switzerland.

Enrique Diaz Moreno

Enrique is founder of Businessfokus, a consulting company focusing on clusters' competitiveness. He has 30 years of experience leading positions of private and public organizations.

Vincent Dugré

Since 2007, Vincent is the executive director of the Center-of-Quebec Commercial and Special Vehicle Cluster. He is also investing in collaborative R&D projects realized by Universities and SMEs in the field of transport electrification. He is a TCI Board member since 2015.

David Fernandez Terreros

David works for SPRI, Basque Development Agency. Currently part of the Cluster programme coordination team, he has been a member of the board in 5 clusters. After living in Brazil for 7 years and dealing with projects in Africa, Asia and America for 10 years he has a sound experience in trade & competitiveness.

Ifor Ffowcs-Williams
New Zealand

Ifor is CEO of Cluster Navigators Ltd, New Zealand. Since establishing Cluster Navigators in 1997, he has been active across Europe, North America, Africa, the Caribbean and Australasia. The focus has been on the training of economic development professionals in the process of cluster development.

Klaus Haasis

Klaus has for more than 30 years successfully built companies and agencies, cluster initiatives and networks. Since 2007 he is member of the TCI Board of Directors and leading the TCI Mentoring Program.



Ulrich Harmes-Liedtke

Ulrich is Partner of Mesopartner ParG. He has fourteen years experience in research and consultancy on cluster promotion and local economic development in Europe and Latin America.



Christian Ketels

Christian is a member of the Harvard Business School faculty at Professor Michael E. Porter's Institute for Strategy and Competitiveness.  He is an Honorary Professor at the EBS Business School, Germany, and a Senior Research Fellow at the Stockholm School of Economics, Sweden. He has been President of TCI Netowork since 2011.

Lotte Langkilde

Lotte is Head of Strategy at the Center for Collaborative Health at Aarhus University. She was Director of REG X - The Danish Cluster Academy  during 2009 - 2014, which focused on cluster-based regional development and training for high level policy makers and cluster managers.

Joan Martí Estévez

Joan is Director of the Cluster Development Division at ACCIÓ, the Catalan Agency for Competitiveness. He is in charge of cluster implementation in Catalonia and involved in 25 different clusters. He is also author of the book "Clusters: winning strategies and teamwork".

Manuel Montoya

Manuel is General Manager of the Automotive Cluster of Nuevo Leon, Mexico. He has been involved in many regional development-oriented organizations. Since 2012 he is a member of the TCI Board.

Daniil Osipov

Daniel works for the Institute of Strategy and Competitiveness in Astrakhan State University, Russa. He is coordinating and scheduling the work with foreign and Russian practitioners and researchers in cluster policy.

Werner Pamminger

Werner is CEO of Business Upper Austria - the business agency of the State of Upper Austria. An experienced executive and international expert in cluster management for a number of years, he is TCI Board member since 2012. 

Enric Pedrós

Enric has been Cluster Manager at FEMAC, the Catalan Cluster of Agricultural Machinery in Lleida since 1998. He is involved in marketing, internationalization and innovation projects for the companies and members of the cluster.

Tamal Sarkar

Tamal is Project Coordinator of the Cluster Development Project at the Foundation for MSME Clusters, India. He has around 24 years of experience in industrial development both in India as well as various other developed and developing countries.

Madeline Smith
United Kingdom

Madeline Smith is Head of Strategy in the Institute of Design Innovation (InDI) at the Glasgow School of Art, specialising in strategy and evaluation, for clusters, innovation and complex collaborations. She has been member of the TCI Board since 2013.


Örjan Sölvell

Örjan Sölvell is Professor of International Business at the Stockholm School of Economics and Senior Institute Associate at the Institute for Strategy and Competitiveness, Harvard Business School. He is member of the TCI Board of Advisors.


Patricia Valdenebro

Since 1998, Patricia is CEO at TCI Network. She has been Delegate in Argentina of SPRI, the Basque Business Development Agency and Head of International Area at the Knowledge Cluster, one of the cluster initiatives in the Basque Country.