TCI Services
08 July 2016

Each TCI Conference generates a lot of material: presentations, videos, pictures and social media discussions that are interesting to the cluster community from around the world. We want to share all this material with the widest audience possible and that is why the presentations and other material of interest can be easily found on our website.


How to get there?



  1. Going to the “Activities” tab and choosing either the "Global Conferences" or the "Regional Conferences".
  2. Once there, choosing a specific event of your interest. Let’s take as an example the TCI Global Conference 2015 that took place in Daegu, Korea.
  3. On the right side, there is a box with the material available for each conference: programme book, presentations, abstracts, press release, pictures, posts in social media…





Most of the speaker’s presentations in each conference are available online. Choosing this option will redirect you to a subpage where the program of the conference will be displayed and where you can navigate through the days to chose the specific presentation you would like to revisit.



All presentations are available on TCI Slideshare channel.


Feel free to download the material and share it with your networks!