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21 September 2016

One of the main objectives of TCI Network is to enhance the knowledge of the practitioners of the network as well as to approach the different cluster realities worldwide. In order to achieve this, a selection of relevant academic articles on clusters and competitiveness is provided every month.


The selection is carried out by Philippe Gugler and Damiano Lepori, from the Center for Competitiveness of the University of Fribourg (Switzerland) and offers the month's most relevant abstracts of academic articles on clusters.


How to be up-to-date?

There are three different options:


1. Find the entire academic articles selection since 2013 on the Academic articles on clusters section of our website. You will be able to choose the articles selection per month between any of the four years covered so far.



2. Subscribe to the TCI Newsletter and you will receive every month the academic articles selection together with other relevant news of clusters and the network. Sign up for it, so as not to miss any selection.




3. Surf directly through TCI news on our website and write on the searching box "academic articles".



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