TCI Conferences
29 November 2016

The special feature of this year’s conference was to have a separate day for the working sessions, the so called ‘Working Day’ that was held at the High Tech Campus Eindhoven. It was organized to have as much interaction as possible and to bring people and knowledge together. For that, over 45 sessions were arranged in different set-ups: interactive workshops, pitches and Q&A, skills labs and presentations.



The last conference day started with TCI President, Christian Ketels, who highlighted the main impressions given since then at the conference, and inspired to get the most out of that day.


The Working Day was organized through five tracks on different themes: Cities & Competitiveness, Modern Cluster Policy, Managing Learning Networks, Food Clusters, and the Academic Track. Around 100 practitioners had the opportunity to share their knowledge among the TCI Community. Some of the topics addressed were:


  • Smart cities such as Eindhoven by the hand of Rob van Gijzel, the European Digital Leader
  • The experiences on clusters enabling city-economies such as those in Barcelona and Glasgow
  • How to enhance growth explained by the EC Directorate-General for Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and SMEs, Michel Catinat
  • The past, present and future of cluster policies in different countries and regions together with cluster experts from around the world
  • The role of cluster manager as civic entrepreneur
  • The cluster development in small/remote regions 
  • Working on leadership applied at cluster initiatives
  • Create and develop food clusters and how to apply the circular economy at them
  • The practical implications of scientific research related to clusters and cluster practice
  • Cluster Governance: how to best intersect with the strategic decision-making of clusters?
  • Collaborative Learning; to what extent can clusters deliberately create collaboration among the actors involved?
  • Cluster Evaluation, how can clusters be assessed and valuated and what lessons learnt can we draw?


All sessions were organized in an innovative and dynamic way, using original and diverse techniques in order to share the most insights and perspectives on clusters and competitiveness. There was also a series of Soft Skills Lab focused on team effectiveness, group dynamics in multiparty collaboration, social innovation and managing uncertainty & complexity.



The day and the conference was closed by Christian Ketels, who brought all the insights together, and a Food Market to informally exchange the experiences of the day and do some final networking.