TCI Services
20 December 2016

TCI has in its membership an incredibly rich set of capabilities and experiences. Thanks to this unique characteristics of our network, TCI can facilitate a vast range of conference speakers from all around the world. Our speakers come from national and regional development agencies, cluster organizations, academia, consulting companies, among others. All of them experts in the field of clusters and competitiveness.


TCI's Speaker's Bureau is a service for our members and the cluster & competitiveness community worldwide. It can be found on the "CLUSTER RESOURCES" tab of our webiste:


The tool offers three different features:

  • Visitors: for those interested in visiting the TCI Secretariat
  • Conference speakers: to find out the best rated speakers in our conferences
  • Speaker's pool: to look for members who offer themselves as speakers


If you are member of the TCI Network and need advice to find a specific expert in a specific field, email the Speaker's Bureau. We will work with you to identify the speaker who will best meet the needs of your audience.