TCI Conferences
27 February 2017


The 20th edition of our flagship event promises to be a memorable event, with high-level keynotes, workshops and anniversary celebrations reviewing TCI's past and the future of the cluster concept.


With the first Global Conference held in Barcelona in 1998, TCI's flagship event will celebrate its 20th edition this year. Held in Bogota from 7-9 November 2017, the 20th TCI Global Conference will have a specific anniversary celebration night. It will be a unique opportunity for participants to get immerged in TCI's history and reflect on the future of cluster initiatives in an ever changing world. 


A commemorative book will be presented and offered to participants, looking back to TCI's beginnings and reviewing the evolution of the network with many highlights and anecdotes.


In addition, a panel with members who marked the evolution of the network will engage in a discussion on the future of the cluster concept.

Save the dates and make sure not to miss the launch of registrations and call for papers!