TCI Conferences
29 March 2017


TCI Network and its work on clusters and competitiveness revolves around collaboration, and this year’s TCI Global Conference will emphasize the importance of collaboration among countries and between regions in these areas, in order to further improve competitiveness. These efforts have yielded positive results, but there is still ample room for catalyzing this type of collaboration. Moreover, this collaboration gains further relevance in the current complex geopolitical context in which countries and regions are increasingly looking inward and not beyond their borders.


In this context, institutional frameworks supporting cluster agendas appear to be the optimal scenario of collaboration, since they have increasingly been adopted in more and more places worldwide as a fundamental part of local development policies, opening the possibility of new meeting points between countries and between regions.


In order to make the most out of the 3 days, the following principal themes will guide the discussion:

  1. Better policies (Productive development policies – Modern industrial policy).
  2. Better implementation (Practice) of these agendas.
  3. Better business and joint activities between clusters from different regions and countries.


The program is structured around 3 days, starting with cluster tours followed by two conference days with key-notes and parallel sessions around the three conference themes.


Those attending the conference will also:

  • Join the conversation about the evolution experienced in the last 20 years in local competitiveness policies and cluster agendas and the results of their implementation, in order to carry out a prospective exercise to imagine what the coming 20 years might look like.
  • Understand how competitiveness, innovation, and cluster development is implemented in different contexts around the world.
  • Discuss the relevance for global development of local competitiveness agendas implemented in developing countries.
  • Connect with colleagues from many places worldwide who are moving the same types of initiatives forward.


Furthermore, this year Bogota will be hosting TCI’s flagship event, and there could not be a more perfect setting to celebrate the 20th Anniversary Conference, and get involved in meaningful discussions about local competitiveness, than a city ranked as one of the top 12 destinations for 2017 by Forbes magazine.


To further underline the importance of collaboration among countries and between regions, the conference will have its customary participative workshops on the second and third day to share experiences –of both good and bad practices worldwide– and to dive deeper into the three main themes. We invite you to participate in this space by submitting a proposal. Detailed information on the call for proposals will be available soon on the official conference website.


The conference organizing committee
Tel. +57 1 594 1000 Ext: 2765