TCI Services
25 April 2017

Are you looking for a cluster practitioner with a specific capability? In our Member Directory you can search for experiences cluster experts from around the world.


TCI's Advanced Search feature of its Member Directory is a service for our members and the cluster & competitiveness community worldwide. It can be found on the "MEMBERS" tab of our website.


TCI has in its membership an incredibly rich set of capabilities and experience. In 2013, TCI members were invited to participate in a short survey to make these assets accessible to the cluster community world wide. The collected information has been integrated in the TCI website and hence made available publicly. New members can directly add their specific competencies to their profile.



It is now easy to search for a cluster practitioner with some specific experiences. Apart from the country and the type of institution the person is working for, the following features can be searched for:

  • Position
  • Years of experience in the field of economic development
  • World regions in which he/she has worked
  • The industries the practitioner knows well
  • Language fluency
  • Interests, such as participating in projects and being a reviewer, author or speaker


You can search these items in combination of each, so as to come up with a specific short list. TCI members can receive directly the e-mail address of other members.


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