TCI Network
29 March 2017

In the framework of the Interreg project CLUSTERS3 Leveraging Cluster Policies for Successful Implementation of RIS3, TCI is coordinating peer reviews to the partner regions to be held between April and July 2017.


CLUSTERS3 project website


The CLUSTERS3 project aims at improving the regional policy instruments of the participating regions committed to cluster based economic development. And more specifically, the performance of cluster organizations in the development of global value chains and in leveraging the regional smart specialization strategies (RIS3) implementation.


As advisory partner, one of TCI's roles in the project is identifying and selecting external experts in the field of cluster policy and smart specialization to carry out peer reviews in 6 partner regions.


TCI can draw on the experiences gathered through the own TCI Peer Reviews carried out so far in Norway and Catalonia.


In addition, TCI gathers very experienced cluster practitioners, 10 of which will act as international experts: 

  • Alasdair Reid, European Future Innovation Systems Centre ASBL, Belgium
  • Emanuela Todeva, Research Centre for Business Clusters, Networks and Economic Development (BCNED), Bulgaria
  • Emily Wise, Innovation and Entrepreneurship Consulting, Lund University and IEC, Sweden
  • Gerd Meier zu Köcker, VDI/VDE Innovation + Technik GmbH (VDI/VDE-IT), Germany
  • Ifor Ffowcs-Williams, Cluster Navigators Ltd, New Zealand
  • Joan Marti, ACCIÓ Catalan Agency for Competitiveness, Spain
  • Madeline Smith, Institute of Design Innovation, Glasgow School of Art, UK
  • Mats Williams, WilConsulting AB, Sweden
  • Örjan Sölvell, Stockholm School Of Economics, Sweden
  • Vincent Dugré, Prologic enr., Canada



As a result of an open call, these experts were chosen applying the following selection criteria:

  • Solid background with mix of policy analysis and hands-on experience
  • Extensive experience in managing/assessing cluster programs and involved in S3 definition and prioritization in several regions/countries
  • Working in innovative regions/countries with long-term cluster programs
  • Participated in a relevant number of peer review exercises in different regions/countries
  • Offered significant inputs and added value to the methodology suggested
  • Presented a more advantageous economic offer

The two-day peer reviews will include interviews with local stakeholders as well as an in-depth workshop with an extended local team in order to learn first-hand from main actors about the current state of the art on cluster development in the region, the latest progress and plans under development and to have an in-depth guided reflection on how cluster-based efforts should evolve and adapt to best align themselves with the specifics of the RIS3 strategies for the region.


The reviewers will elaborate a report with key observations and recommendations taken out from the on-site visit and interaction with the hosting region.


This article only reflects the author's views and the programme authorities are not liable for any use that may be made of the information contained therein.