TCI Conferences
26 April 2017






We invite you to participate in this call of proposals and present your latest work alongside other practitioners in the parallel sessions and interactive workshops.


About the call

Although TCI Network and its work on clusters and competitiveness is all about collaboration, the 20th TCI Global Conference aims at emphasizing the importance of deepening collaboration among countries and between regions in these areas, in order to further improve competitiveness.


While progress has been made, there is still ample room for catalyzing this type of collaboration. Moreover, this collaboration gains further relevance in the current complex geopolitical context in which countries and regions are increasingly looking inward and not beyond their borders. In this context, institutional frameworks supporting cluster agendas appear to be the optimal scenario of collaboration, since they have increasingly been adopted in more and more places worldwide as a fundamental part of local development policies, opening the possibility of new meeting points between countries and between regions.


The 20th TCI Global Conference will allow interactions between cluster and competitiveness professionals of many countries and regions, looking for exchanging experiences and building synergies that lead to better industrial and cluster policies, better implementation of programs and deployment of concrete agendas, and better interactions among clusters that turn into more competitive companies.


To contribute and enrich the dialogue from different perspectives, a number of parallel sessions and participatory workshops will be held on the second and third day of the conference. We are looking for experiences of what worked well and not so well worldwide and that dive deeper into the three overarching conference themes:

  1. Better policies (Productive development policies – Modern industrial policy).
  2. Better implementation (Practice) of these agendas.
  3. Better business and joint activities between clusters from different regions and countries.


Themes and sub-themes

Each main theme is devided into various sub-themes, which each has a context that sets the scope and some leading questions and ideas on the kind of inputs that we would like to receive. Information on the leading questions will be available soon on the conference website.

1. Better Policy

  1. Modern Industrial Policy and Clusters
  2. National vs. Local Cluster Policy Interaction
  3. Evaluation
  4. Peace and Inclusiveness
  5. RIS3 and Clusters


2. Better Practice

  1. Management of Competitiveness Agendas
  2. Management of Cluster Initiatives
  3. Governance of cluster initiatives


3. Better Business

  1. Internationalization and Clusters
  2. Role of Clusters in Science, Technology, and Innovation Agendas
  3. Entrepreneurship and Clusters
  4. Academia-Business Collaboration
  5. Creating Shared Value


Detailed information on the call as well on how to submit will be available soon on the conference website.


The conference organizing committee
Tel. +57 1 594 1000 Ext: 2765