TCI Conferences
31 August 2017

20th TCI Global Conference
"The Future of Clusters Through Cross-Country
and Cross-region Collaboration"   
7-9 November 2017, Bogotá, Colombia
Hashtag: #TCI2017

When registering for the conference, you can directly sign up for the cluster tours!


On the first day of the 20th TCI Global Conference 2017 we will meet at the Bogota Chamber of Commerce (BCC) auditorium for the welcome address. At 10 a.m. the cluster tour buses will depart and will return to the BCC auditorium in the afternoon. In the evening the TCI General Assembly will be held in the conference venue at the BCC.


The Cluster Tours will allow you to learn firsthand from the manager of the cluster initiative and its most representative companies (government and academic actors) how clusters work and the results that have been achieved so far, on topics such as:

-The cluster’s relevance in the local, national and international contexts.
-Cluster initiative’s governance.
-The BCC´s role.
-Most representative projects led from the cluster initiative.
-Benefits brought to the firms and the city-region.
-The mistakes that have been made.
-What´s missing to take the cluster to the next level.


Take a look at the available cluster tours!

Given the diversity of Bogota-region's economy and the commitment to these development agendas, at the moment the city-region has 16 cluster initiatives in different economic sectors. To provide a comprehensive experience to the participants, the following Cluster Tours are available:

  • Bogota fashion experience (Apparel, Jewelry and Leather & Footwear clusters)
  • Energy and construction for sustainability (Electric Energy and Construction clusters)
  • Bogota, tourism and gastronomic destination (Business & Events Tourism and Gastronomy clusters)
  • Strategic alliances for better business (Graphic Communication and Cosmetics clusters)
  • Bogota fintech city (Financial Services and Software & IT clusters)
  • Introducing innovation in a traditional industry (Dairy cluster)
  • Biotechnology hub (Health and Pharma clusters)
  • Bogota creative and music city (Creative & Contents Industry and Music clusters)