22 November 2017


Silvano Bertini, Head of Economic Development Policies Unit at Emilia-Romagna Region, is the winner of the TCI Network 20th Anniversary Essay Competition that took place for the 20th TCI anniversary celebration.


TCI Network, the leading global network of organisations and practitioners with expertise in clusters and competitiveness celebrates its 20th anniversary this year, in 2017.


As part of the 20th anniversary celebration, the TCI Network Board of Directors invited submissions to an essay competition, which was opened to all with an interest in clusters and competitiveness, target especially to young researchers and economic development practitioners.


The Judging Panel of the essays was a panel of TCI Board Members. The prize of the winner was a free registration to the 20th TCI Anniversary.


Silvano Bertini



As TCI celebrates its 20th anniversary, the economy around us continues to change rapidly. Business environments are transformed in many locations. New technologies emerge. New industries take shape. New business models appear.


Cluster dynamics have been recognised as a feature of economies since Alfred Marshall’s observations around industrial districts. Michael Porter’s Competitive Advantage of Nations translated the concept for the modern economy, highlighting the relevance of clusters in an era of knowledge-driven competition and globalization. TCI members have over the last 20 years gained rich experience with cluster-based economic development initiatives around the world.

If you want to take a look at the winner Essay, click here!