15 October 2019

TCI Global Conference 2017, "The future of Clusters through cross-country and cross-region collaboration”. 300 cluster practitioners from 44 countries participated in the main international conference on cluster development in the world, organized by the TCI Network and hosted by the Chamber of Commerce of Bogota.



The conference focused on collaboration and complementary alliances between developed and developing countries for better policies, better business and better management practices, as well as identifying cluster emerging trends.


A Michael Porter congratulatory video about the 20th TCI anniversary and the next 20 years of clusters was the start of a three-day event characterised by a well-prepared programme.



Cluster Tours

The first day of the conference, participants had the chance to know more about the ambitious agenda of clusters in Bogota, with a first-hand experience through the 8 different cluster tours that the Chamber of Commerce offered, from fashion to energy to Fintech. If you want to watch the video of the cluster tours, click here.



Plenary and breakout sessions

The next two days had a wide range of plenary and breakout sessions. Outstanding keynote speakers like Professor Ricardo Hausmann ,from Harvard Kennedy School, who shared his knowledge about the role of policy for development and the language of smart specialization and Mary Walshok, from the University of California, San Diego, who explained how San Diego’s innovation economy and hub started.



20 Parallel sessions

More than 30 different speakers participated in the 20 parallel sessions that took place the second and the third day of the conference, organised in various sub-themes: better practice, better business and better policy.



20th TCI anniversary

Finally, the event had a reflection on the 20 years of TCI and the future of clusters and competitiveness with a special panel of multilateral organisations like IABD, UNIDO and World Bank. Following this panel, the conference brought also a special feature regarding the 20th TCI anniversary with a publication of the 20 years of TCI Network.



What remained the same compared to previous conference was the high level of presentations, a dedicated TCI community, lots of networking and sharing.


And, of course, the fact that all conference material is open for consultation to anyone: