22 October 2018

The Chamber of Commerce of Bogota hosted the 20th TCI Global Conference The Future of clusters through cross-country and cross-region collaboration, which was characterised by   allowing interactions between cluster and competitiveness professionals of multiple countries and regions, looking to exchange experiences and build synergies, to lead to better productive development policies, better experiences in the implementation of these agendas and better business and joint activities between clusters from different regions and countries.



350 registrants from 44 countries around the world took part of the 20th TC Conference. An important number of participants were coming from Europe, even though the conference hosted also representatives from countries such as Australia, Brazil, Canada, Mexico, Colombia, Japan or Korea who travelled to Bogota (Colombia) to network with cluster practitioners from all around the world and learn about economic development and competitiveness from the leading actors.  


Conference programme

  • Cluster tours: 8 cluster tours
  • Better policies: 2 better policy keynotes/ 2 panels/ 10 better policy workshops / 19 speakers
  • Better implementation and better business: 2 better practice keynotes /3 panels/ 10 better implementation and bettet business workshops/ +20 speakers

The most appreciated aspects of the event were the great insights,the good calibre and content of the presentation and excellent topics.


Social media outreach

Some numbers to have an idea about its impact:


  • 3.219 tweets with the hashtag #TCI2017
  • 260 people tweeted with #TCI2017
  • #TCI2017 was trending topic in Colombia the days of the conference
  • More than 1000 pictures were shared


The overall event experience


All the surveyed participants so far have considered the overall experience in Bogota as "Very Good" and "Good", having the opportunity to network with cluster practitioners from around the world the most appreciated feature.

The blend of the Colombian culture in different areas during the conference, the presentations, the great hospitality and the entertaining short breaks have also been highlighted.


Save the dates for the 21st TCI Global Conference in Toronto, Canada: 16-18 October 2018!