22 October 2018

With deep sadness we inform you that Antoni Subirà passed away last January 7th, 2018. Professor Subirà was Chairman of the Advisory Board of TCI Network and a pioneer of cluster policy in Catalonia. We are proud to have shared with him our 20-year history of the TCI Network-The Competitiveness Institute and have counted on his generous support and advice through the years in our conferences and chairing our Board of Advisors. He will be missed.

Many voices remember him now and his great contribution in the cluster-based economy policies.

“Antoni Subira’s contribution to cluster policies” Article by Michael E. Porter / Emiliano Duch / Christian Ketels, Harvard University / World Bank / TCI Network


His colleagues at TCI Network pay tribute to him and show their respect and admiration for his great work.



"The world is a better place because of the outreach and personal attention that Antonio has put into making it a better place for all. He and I were often together alone on out TCI ventures and we talked a lot. He was a wise and inciteful man that I enjoyed listening to. Most importantly he was a very good man. He did make TCI a reality and we walked many countries together to create peaceful, productive and effective changes in many countries. He had credibility with and respect from everyone who met him." Bob Breault, Breault Research Org, Tucson, USA


"His contribution was much more than what we saw, without his support behind the scenes in the early ages of TCI, the network would have not existed. We owe him a lot." Emiliano Duch, World Bank Group.


"For those we had the privilege to know him personally words are not enough to describe Antoni Subirà’s wonderful personality and the huge legacy he leaves us. He had an uncommon capacity of establishing fruitful communication with people and talking with him was always a pleasure and a source of inspiration. Since in the last years we had occasion to share many trips towards or back from TCI events, I had the privilege of sharing many conversations with him, often beyond clusters topic. What was more impressive of his character was his great common sense, his generosity, his positive attitude and, last but not least, his refined sense of humor. We have lost a great leader, a master in our field, but, overall, an excellent person." Alberto Pezzi, ACCIÓ-Catalan Government.


"TCI would not exist without Antoni Subira. It was his support that gave TCI a home and his guidance was invaluable over the years. He was strong-willed, passionate, and one of the rare individuals who truly put into practice what he preached. TCI and the rest of the cluster community will miss him tremendously. His vision lives on in those of us privileged to have known him." Michael Enright, Enright, Scott & Associates.


"I feel privileged to have spent time with Antoni at the 20th TCI meeting and celebration in Bogota. For those of you not at the TCI Advisory Meeting in Bogota, you will be glad to know that he led the discussion for generating new ideas for the future of TCI."  Eric Rolf Hansen,  Economic Transformations Group, Inc




"I had the great pleasure and privilege of meeting Antoni Subira at many TCI-Network global conferences. Thank you Antoni for those memorable moments when you shared your deep wisdom and special insights on clusters; during conference tea breaks, in quiet corners and at the end of long days, instilling your passion for 'why clusters matter'. Thank you too for offering to captain our small tender boats safely to shore as we drifted in the Coral Sea off Cairns during the TCI2002 conference dinner. You truly were the 'Capitan' of our cluster community and you will always be remembered" Tracy Scott-Rimington, Regional Development Australia.


"Through TCI, Antoni Subira has clearly inspired the cluster policy in Rhone-Alpes region. He has hosted many delegations from Lyon and the region in the late 90’s. The chamber of commerce of Lyon has greatly benefited from his knowledge and experience in clusters, even more during the organization of the 9th global conference in 2006. Hence, Antoni Subira was not only at the origin of clusters development in Catalonia, but his precious views and advices also had a tremendous impact in Europe and worldwide. Hearing him speak in public at TCI conferences, or within the TCI board of advisors was always a privilege.He was a man of great quality, accessible and always open to discussions."  Yves Guyon, Pierre Bonnet and Frédéric Miribel, Chamber of Commerce of Lyon and Invest in Lyon, France.


"I will always remember his wonderful personality, sense of humor,  our productive interactions on development issues, and, of course, our understanding of the role of clusters in development process. I enormously enjoyed our exchange of ideas and also learned from his insights.  His contribution not only to TCI but also to the development of cluster in Europe and worldwide is indispensable." Tea Petrin, Institute of competitiveness, University of Ljubljana.



"Antoni was one of these crucial persons. The history of clusters (in Catalonia, but also far beyond) is linked to him, to his vision, and to his capacity to put into practice the ideas on clustering to improve the competitiveness. He was a very witty person and had a fantastic sense of humour." Juanma Esteban, Infyde and Past President of TCI Network


"I had the chance to meet Antoni in the 1990s. A person of deep thoughts who remains for all of us a messenger of a well-rounded culture." Piero Formica, Innovation Value Institute, Ireland.


"I remember well him as a driving force behind the creation of TCI and the economic growth of Catalonia at the time he was regional minister for industry in the Generalitat. A commitment he pursued since then as a strong supporter to Emiliano." Sergio Arzeni, Centre for Entrepreneurship, Small and Medium-sized Enterprises, and Local Development (CFE), France.


If you would like to send your condolences messages please write to tci-network@tci-network.org and we will pass them on to his family.   Thank you.