23 March 2019

A full day of a TCI European Conference 2018 was dedicated to site visits to examples of active clusters in the region. Cluster tours reflected the achievements and also the problems faced by the cluster and give valuable insights to the participants on how they are organised and perform.

Participants were able to see Bulgaria's and Eastern Europe opportunities and potential for clusters, as well as to visit leading cluster firms and interact with cluster teams and their collaborative projects in the region.



  • Sofia Tech Park T+ IN:

Their mission is to develop the competitiveness of science and entrepeneurship in Bulgaria by improving the knowledge exchange between the academic and business communities, as well as to serve as a platform for the growth of startup companies and innovative ideas and to catalyze the process of commercializing scientific research activities. The T+ IN consists of a Laboratory complex, Incubator, Innovation Forum and Museum. The complex consists of 11 laboratories and is managed by an independent non-profit consortium, which includes universities and research centers. The programme was presented by different experts of the Sofia Tech Park.


  1. Presentation Sofia Tech Park // Presented by: Mihail IlievCh. Expert, Innovation and Projects Directorate at Sofia Tech Park
  2. Lab Presentation - Cybersecurity // Presented by: Yavor Papazov, expert cyber-security
  3. Lab Presentation - High Performance Calculations // Presented by: Ivo Iliev, expert in high performance computing
  4. Presentation BESCO - The Bulgarian Start-up Association // Presented by: Natanail Stefanov, Chairman of the organization


Machine Building // Automotive, Transport & Logistic Tour in Plovdiv

The Machine Building, automotive, transport & Logistic Tour started at the Industrial Zona Maritsa, part of Trakia Economic Zone, and a visit to a Logistic Hub and Pavilion for e-commerce, the "16+1".

After that, the tour continued with a visit to the Industrial Zone Rakovski, part of Trakia Economic Zone and the presentation of Plovdiv municipality, Cluster Trakia Economic Zone, Cluster Education- qualification hub Trakia. The lunch was on behalf of Plovdiv municipality and later on continued with a walk in Plovdiv City.