22 September 2019


The second meeting of the TCI Digitization Learning Group took place the 11-12 February in Essen, Germany, and the event was part of the EU Cluster Week.

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The first meeting of the TCI Learning Group "Smart digital Ecosystems through Clusters" took place at the Ministry of Digital Agenda in Madrid the 2nd and 3rd of July 2018, and cluster practitioners from Spain, Germany, Portugal, Iceland, Canada and Brasil gathered to talk about #digitization, #innovation and #competitiveness and the challenges that #clusters face around these topics. Click here to know more!



The first video conference meeting took place on the 20th September 2018 and the session was dedicated to welcome the new group members and make an introduction to their collaborative platform. The meeting was also destinated to present to the group the activities planned for Toronto's meeting and to review the main goals and agree on the steps and agenda to reach them.






In the last months, in our conversation with TCI members in TCI conferences and other fora we detected an increasing interest around digitization and the challenges that clusters face around it. We thought it could be of interest for other members as well to join the conversation and exchange views and solutions as part of a learning community within the TCI Network.

Two of our members leading the initiative, Vincent Dugré and Antonio Novo, drafted some of the initial ideas and presented the new TCI Learning Group "Digitization", that seeks to discuss what role clusters can play to increase the competitiveness of their industries by looking into digitization for building new capacities for clusters and enterprises that will support and enhance mobilization, cooperation, innovation, internationalization, social organization and sustainability.

The goal of the group will be to create evidence-based awareness-raising on the issue as well as identify digitization initiatives, strategies and policies that can be evaluated and benchmarked to increase our mutual knowledge on the topic. Another objective will be to share best practices and ideas on digitization issues to maximise its potential in cluster context and to promote collaboration between the associates to improve their digitization strategies trough the involvement of clusters and regional innovation ecosystem.

Potential subjects:
  • Digitization challenges and opportunities – a look at possible roles for clusters in the digital development of their associates and themselves
    • Knowledge and skill development
    • Mobilization, cooperation and people interaction
    • Entrepreneurship and start-up
  • Mapping and development of capable, intelligent, self-adapting digital ecosystems through cluster
  • SME digital transformation toward Industry 4.0 and cluster's role

How we would like to achieve this goal:

This Learning group aim at creating a community of interest on digitization:
  • By openly sharing initiatives, good and bad practices among the group members
  • By looking gateways on how to trigger development on this topic in the cluster
  • By gathering data for evidence
  • By defining potential concrete actions to go for implementation (tool-box, positive actions, etc.)


The event is free to TCI members and members will be given priority. Participants are expected to support their own travel, accommodation and subsistence expenses. If you are not a member follow this link for more information. We invite all TCI members interested in getting involved in this cross-sectoral topic, wanting to learn how digitization can enhance competitiveness of clusters and cluster members to join us this summer in Madrid, Spain.


For more information, please contact  TCI Network