15 October 2019

EU-LAC Foundation and the Ibero-American General Secretariat (SEGIG) are running a Project called Competitiveness Clusters. The goal is to contribute to improve the international competitiveness of the EU and LAC through greater economic cooperation and joint actions between regions, including organisations and practitioners, being this cooperation based on the cluster approach and value chains. This general goal is captured through four specific objectives:


  1. Reactivate and expand the biregional network of players that was set up in phase 1 (2014-2015).
  2. Support the production and dissemination of knowledge about policies on competitiveness and innovation, connected to clusters and districts and regional strategies for competitiveness and innovation.
  3. Provide training on the topic of governance
  4. Make progress in strengthening collaboration between the EU and LAC


In order to translate these worthwhile objectives into reality, four different virtual meetings have been planned focused on smart specialisation and cluster policy.


Until now, two virtual meetings have been organised, involving 13 countries and 27 participants from LAC region, as well as the participation of the LAC chapter of TCI Network and the Joint Research Centre (JRC) from EU. These sessions resulted in thematic documents about how smart specialisation and cluster policy can integrate a more coordinated competitiveness approach to territorial development.

There is planned a third one virtual meeting between EU and LAC participants for the end of July 2018, 27th. The theme of this session is how clusters initiatives can achieve sustainability in the medium and long term in the framework of current cluster policies and smart specialisation strategies.


The Project is expected to be run until October 2018.

If you are interested in being involved in the Project, please contact us through any of the next emails or by our Linkedin Working Group: