15 October 2019

The third TCI Learning Group Digitization “Smart digital Ecosystems through Clusters” meeting will take place on May 27-28 at the TCI Network & ACCIO Premises in Barcelona. If you are interested in taking part in the meeting, we kindly ask you to register through the following link: TCI Learning Group Digitization meeting Registration.

This TCI Learning Group Digitization seeks to discuss what role clusters can play to increase the competitiveness of their industries by looking into digitization for building new capacities for clusters and enterprises that will support and enhance mobilization, cooperation, innovation, internationalization, social organization and sustainability.

If you are interested in learning how digitization can enhance competitiveness of clusters and cluster members, we invite you to join us next month in Barcelona. You can take a look at the agenda, logistics and more information about the meeting here.

TCI LEARNING EXPERIENCE: Exploring Catalan Cluster Ecosystem and digital projects

The two-day agenda will start with an introduction to the ACCIO’s Cluster program by the Director of the Cluster Unit at ACCIO-Catalan Agency for Competitiveness, Mr Joan Martí.  The group will do a first visit to Catalonia Clusters Hub - the co-working space of Catalan clusters.
A selection of digital projects will be presented by Catalan Clusters, as an opportunity to learn first-hand from cluster managers on their experiences running digital projects. The group will then visit the PierO1 Barcelona Tech City campus, the epicenter of the startup movement in Catalonia.

The participants are invited to present new digitization initiatives in which they are involved during the different sessions. The learning group will also continue to develop a maturity model for cluster organization and their members as well as a new training on Digital transformation management for cluster managers and practitioners. The group is open to new contributions and ideas.

The event is free to TCI members and members will be given priority. If you are not a member follow this link.

If you have any question regarding the meeting, please get in touch with Vincent and Antonio.

Vincent Dugré, member of the TCI Board of Directors and Co-founder of BIVIZIO

Antonio Novo, president of FENAIC, Spanish Federation of Clusters