24 August 2019

The second TCI Global Webinar took place on June 12, addressing the “hot topic” about “Sustainability of Cluster Organizations”.

Two well-known experts from our network - Cecilia Carrillo, CLELAC & TCI Network Board of Directors and Werner Pamminger, Business Upper Austria & TCI Network Board of Directors, contributed for a very interesting and useful virtual discussion, sharing their hands-on experience on how to build a sustainable funding structure for a cluster with a suitable mix of public and private funding.

"Know your members and what they value. Use your time and effort wisely!", advised Cecilia Carrillo.  Werner Pamminger, on the other hand, stated that Private - Public Partnership worked for Business Upper Austria for 21 years.

More than 114 participants registered from over 39 countries joined this global meet-up.

The materials from the webinar are available here.

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