28 January 2011

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Dates: 30-31 March 2011
Venue: Swissotel, Tornimäe 3, Tallinn, Estonia





Eastern and Central Europe next hotbed for cluster development?

In connection with the first TCI Regional conference to be organised in Easter and Central Europe we might ask whether this region will be able to become the next hotbed of clusters in Europe. In spite of the economic crisis, which has hit those countries very strongly, many Eastern and Central European countries have been able to show the strong signs of recovery based on increasing competitiveness of some industries. Over the last years, cluster policies have gained a strong momentum in the region and big number of cluster initiatives have been launched across different countries. We are aiming to discuss which policies will further strengthen cluster development in this region and also how to make clusters stronger by increasing the excellence in cluster management. Number of interesting cases will be presented both from the region as well as from other parts of Europe.


Create your own Agenda!

In addition to the main programme of the conference, set up in classical conference setting, the conference will also provide opportunities to participants to define their own agenda of the conference based on so called Open Space Technology, which describes part of the conference without keynote speakers, no pre-announced schedules of workshops, no panel discussions, etc. Participants create and manage their own agenda of parallel working sessions around a central theme of strategic importance.

The participants themselves organize each session, people may freely decide which session they want to attend, and may switch to another one at any time. Open Space is highly organized, but it is also chaotic, productive and fun. No one is in control. A whirlwind of activity is guided from within by a handful of simple Open Space principles.The most basic principle is that everyone who comes to an Open Space conference must be passionate about the topic and willing to take some responsibility for creating things out of that passion.


Combine culture and business!

The conference will take place in Tallinn, which is Cultural Capital of Europe in 2011 and thus participants of the conference will be able to enjoy also part of the Cultural Programme offered by Tallinn during this time. After the conference ends, organisers are providing opportunities for participants to stay for an extra day or two and join the proposed cluster tours and cultural programme in Tallinn.  


The registration for the conference is already open at www.clusterconference.eu