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29 May 2013

Innovation Norway hosted this first TCI Peer Review. The program management of the national Norwegian cluster program found the peer review to be an important input into the further development of their program.


The broad ground of common understanding of the subject makes the discussion in a peer review very deep. The group can go straight into the strategic dialogue of the question at hand” says Karin Gjerløw Høidahl, Innovation Norway.


She further states that: “TCI gives us access to a very knowledgeable and experienced set of colleagues which is a great resource to draw upon when making the strategic decisions required in launching a new program. We will definitely conduct more peer reviews, on both large and also smaller strategic questions that will arise in the future.”



Alberto Pezzi, ACC1Ó, Government of Catalonia, underlines the value of taking part in the peer review by stating that: “The peer review was an extremely enriching experience and a truly learning process for me. Discussing in deep around the new configuration of Norwegian cluster program with its managers and with other colleagues has represented a source of ideas and inspirations of invaluable worth.”


The inspiration of this dialogue will also be taken to both Germany and Finland. “Since the German Cluster Excellence Initiative go-cluster has similar objectives like the new Norwegian program, I took a lot of inspirations home, on how to run our program in a better way,” says Gerd Meier zu Köcker, VDI/VDE Innovation + Technik GmbH. Heikki Malinen, JAMK University of Applied Sciences, ads that; ”In my case it gave new ideas for new Finnish Innovative Cities –program”.


Emily Wise, Vinnova, agree that this was a truly inspiring experience and further ads that: “Working with strategy and development issues is the most motivating and fun part of any job. Working on these issues in the context of a new and ambitious cluster programme in another country – and with an international team of peers with different backgrounds and perspectives – was an amazing learning experience. This was a terrific way for policy practitioners to work with innovating in our context”.


Olav Bardalen, Innovation Norway, ads to Karin’s comment from the Norwegian side of the review; “I guess the value we found in this peer review is really underlined by the fact that as a conclusion to this first meeting it was decided to invite the same group of peers back to Norway this autumn, to get new and elaborate feedback on the further steps in our program development, we are truly looking forward to that meeting”.


In conclusion, Madeline Smith, The Glasgow School of Art, states that “You can always learn something from discussions with peers in TCI, and this was a fascinating opportunity to share approaches and experiences. It is always good to challenge and be challenged.”


To learn more about how this peer review was conducted, you may contact Karin Gjerløw Høidahl: