26 September 2013

2013 Global South Summit Conference
Prosperity Track
, Clusters and Regional Competitiveness
Nashville, Tennessee, USA, 11-12 November 2013



Leading US economic development practitioners in the area of cluster and regional competitiveness will gather in Nashville to


  • discuss the role of cluster-based economic development as a critical enabler for US competitiveness,
  • share experiences and key learnings of ongoing cluster initiatives and economic development efforts and
  • discuss recently launched federal programs that support cluster-based economic development in the US.


This event is a joint initiative of the Cumberland Center and the Institute for Strategy and Competitiveness. The TCI Network collaborates in the Prosperity Track, one out of three pillars at the Global South Summit by suggesting contents and international speakers. The preliminary program is available on http://globalactionplatform.org/2013-summit-event-program/


If you are a TCI member interested in participating actively in this track of the program, please contact Patricia Valdenebro