26 March 2014

What activities move them from good to great? What are the new, smart and innovative activities clusters are proud of? Implementation of what actions induce excellence in cluster organization?


Oxford Research undertook the challenge of collecting information from clusters being proud of their new, smart and innovative activities. The idea for this survey is to get a comprehensive and categorized picture of new approaches undertaken in cluster initiatives.


There is a number of interesting initiatives happening nowadays in many countries. New approaches are implemented, e.g. in Finland with new ways of bridging students and companies in a kind of test labs; or in UK with involving subcontractors into the innovation process on different stages of product development. Many other examples are identified, but not presented in form of categorized toolbox, with more detailed description. Our goal is to describe and share such information to cluster practitioners, having in mind that knowledge sharing is always a win-win game.


Please contribute to this effort by filling in the survey, simply describing one of the activities you have implemented. We will also be very grateful, if you take the effort of sharing this open survey link to all those you believe have such a best practice to describe. https://survey.enalyzer.com/?pid=heutarif


The final study report presenting structured and categorized case studies will be delivered exclusively and directly to respondents of this survey.


If you have any questions regarding this project please contact Bart Romanow, bro@oxford.no


With kind regards,

Harald Furre

Oxford Research AS