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20 December 2006

Increasingly African stakeholders from business, academia and government emphasize the role of a competitive private sector as key in growth and poverty relief initiatives. This priority is largely supported by development partners from within and outside Africa.

29 June 2006

TCI Oceania (TCI-O) has been launched officially during the regional conference. TCI-O will not be a separate entity from TCI, but will rather help to address and enlarge the network of TCI in the Oceania region.

25 May 2006

On 22 March 2006 21 stakeholders representing business, knowledge institutions and government met at University of Ghana Business School to discuss new potentials and possibilities for increasing the competitiveness of, and value added production in, Ghanaian industries and businesses.

07 February 2006

"Pakistan sits astride the old silk route and has long been a significant economic player in the region. The Conference on Competitiveness for Asia and Pacific in Islamabad in May 2006 will address and identify the competitiveness potential of the leading economies in this region. It will mark also Pakistan's determination to improve its competitiveness both regionally and globally," says Arthur Bayhan, Acting Vice President Asia-Pacific in TCI and working in Islamabad.

31 December 2005

Clusters Asia-Pacific (CAP) Inc. have changed name and description to 'The Competitiveness Institute Oceania - The TCI chapter network for regional competitiveness in the Oceania region'.

27 November 2005

At The Competitiveness Institute's eighth Annual Global Conference in Hong Kong the Pakistan Minister of State for Finance, Omar Ayub Khan, in his keynote address announced that the Government of Pakistan has undertaken major initiative towards improving the competitiveness of its economy by establishing a Competitiveness Support Fund and projecting the creation of an a national Innovation and Competitiveness Council. The Council will use the Competitiveness Support Fund, financed by the Government of Pakistan together with United States Agency for International Development USAID, as a platform to upgrade the Pakistani industry. The fund is tailored to meet Pakistan's needs and based on international best practices of successful existing funds operating in countries like India, Thailand, Turkey, Ireland and Finland.

25 August 2005

The Thai ministry of Industry and the Japanese International Cooperation Agency (JICA) recently announced a collaboration to enforce three clusters of SMEs.

16 August 2005

The government of Kazakhstan is executing a new economic development policy concentrated on using the proceeds of their oil and gas riches to diversify their economy.

16 August 2005

Information on last month's conference by the Centre for Regional Innovation and Competitiveness (CRIC) on "Beyond clusters: current practices & future strategies", held in Ballarat, Australia, in cooperation with TCI, is now available.

16 August 2005

New York's Center of Excellence program and other high-tech initiatives are helping to finance the expansion of the biotechnology company OSI Pharmaceutical on Long Island.

16 August 2005

A 116 page report by the South Carolina Council on Competitiveness was released last month. It contains a detailed strategy for the state on how to become more competitive nationally and internationally.

19 June 2005

Juergen Knorr, who was chief executive officer of Siemens semiconductor division, has taken the position of CEO of Dubai Silicon Oasis (DSO), a technology initiative being created at an estimated overall cost of $1.3 billion in the middle-eastern Emirate of Dubai.

19 June 2005

A new partnership known as the Forest Research Opportunity B.C. (British Columbia) was recently brought together on the 1st of June. It is a new collaborative forest-research effort in order to harness the research and innovation capabilities present in British Columbia and furthermore to improve the competitiveness of the forest industry and increase the economic and social value of Canada's forests which are vital parts of Canada's economy and society.

01 June 2005

Proposals for the project to create a framework for establishing the "Competitiveness Observatory" in Jordan.

20 March 2005

In the recently published World Economic Forum's Global Information Technology Report, Singapore took the top billing out of a list of 104 countries. The report ranks Singapore as the top economy in exploiting global information and communications technology (ICT) developments.

20 March 2005

The government of Ras Al Khaimah, one of the United Arab Emirates has signed a joint venture agreement with the Swiss Centre for Electronics and Microtechnology (CSEM) in order to set up a Technology Innovation Centre.

20 March 2005

Hefei, capital of Central China's Anhui Province, is to become the new home to China's first ever "Science City". The city is actively seeking new technological industries and striving for efficient use of energy and raw materials.

20 February 2005

The United Arab Emirates has announced plans to create a 400 million dollar research and development park in Dubai. The park will be called DuBiotech and is a bid to embrace biotechnology as a tool for economic and social development.

22 October 2004

Portland is more and more becoming a centre for Linux, the computer software that according to several experts will be neighbour town´s Microsoft's biggest competitor in the future.

24 September 2004

Mechatronics sounds like a new video game but may be a major economic driver for Virginia (U.S.) in the future. Mechatronics is the synergy of mechanical engineering, electronic engineering , and software engineering. Mechatronics companies are involved in the production of planetary-rovers (like the one used for the exploration of Mars), automotive subsystems such as anti-block system and every day equipment such as autofocus cameras and washing machines.

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