On 16-17 April 2015, the TCI Oceanian Chapter organized the second Australasian Cluster Conference on the theme of "Linking Cluster Globally: the Heightened Role of Clusters in Global Value Chains".

The internationalisation of regional economies is becoming critical for sustainable economic futures. No matter how small a region, niches in international markets can be found and exploited. Economic developers today must uncover the 'local buzz' in their regional
economies and assist companies to plug into global pipelines.

From left to right: Rodin Genoff [Rodin Genoff & Assoc), Assoc Prof Linda Leung (UTS Business School), Jack Langberg (SA Dept Primary Industries & Regions), Tracy Scott-Rimington (RDA Brisbane), Richard Walker (Director TCI), Prof Roy Green [Dean, UTS Graduate School of Business]


There were two ½ day workshops at the Aerial Conference Centre UTS, one by Rodin Genoff and the other by Ifor Ffowcs-Williams, followed by a Cocktail Party/Reception at the new Gehry Building [UTS Business School] with a keynote speaker.

Following opening addresses by Christian Ketels, TCI President  (by video) and Roy Green, Dean UTS Business School, the conference looked at Five Sectors. Each sector had keynote speaker who addressed the topic and related their sector to their value chain and mentioned particularly the issues of participating in GVCs. A panel of three from the sector made some additional comments and discussion were opened for delegates.

The sectors were Health, Creative Industries, Food, Advanced Manufacturing and Disaster Resilience & Recovery [DRR]. In Health the conference was specifically looking at technology that assists the aged and disabled. In DRR with increasing numbers of natural disasters participants were looking at how clusters can assist the recovery process in a more cost effective way.

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