07 April 2010
10 April 2010
Dominican Republic


The 1st TCI global thematic conference on tourism clusters was held in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic, 7-10 April 2010.



The National Competitiveness Council of the Dominican Republic was, in collaboration with the Ministry of Tourism, the Dominican tourism clusters network ("Consorcio Dominicano de Competitividad Turística"), and other institutions, the local host organization. Thanks to the local hosts, the program of the 1st Global Conference on Tourism Cluster was very rich, both at the content level of the conference itself, and also at social activities to complement the event and to offer all participants the possibility to enjoy Punta Cana and the Dominican Republic.


The Conference, themed "World Class Sustainable Competitive Tourism Clusters", was aimed to bring together cluster practitioners, academia experts and tourism professionals from all over the world, to discuss the main issues and trends on promoting competitiveness in one of the most important global industries through local development and clusters.



Four intense days were attended by 200 foreign and local delegates, lecturers, journalists and members of general public: they were dedicated to networking, deepening knowledge and exchanging ideas, best practices and lessons learned throughout the world, and also experiencing on-site tourism clustering in one of the top destinations in the Caribbean, the Dominican Republic. Among participants there were members of TCI Board of Directors, as Alberto Pezzi, Juan Manuel Esteban and Alonso Ramos. Special attention was put in approaching the potential of the articulation of tourism clusters with other industries' clusters (agribusiness, industrial, and so on)..


Speakers came from competitiveness entities, tourism clusters in many different countries, universities dedicated to studying tourism development, clustering and competitiveness, from international and regional organizations devoted to specific aspects and elements of promoting excellence, innovation, sustainability and productivity in the tourism industry and tourism clusters.