The first TCI peer review was hosted by Innovation Norway in May 2013. A group of 5 TCI members was invited to help out with the development of a New National Cluster Program in Norway.

 “The broad ground of common understanding of the subject makes the discussion in a peer review very deep. The group can go straight into the strategic dialogue of the question at hand."


" TCI gives us access to a very knowledgeable and experienced set of colleagues."
Karin Gjerløw Høidahl, Innovation Norway.

The peer review was an extremely enriching experience and a truly learning process for me."  Alberto Pezzi, ACC1Ó, Government of Catalonia.


"I took a lot of inspirations home, on how to run our program in a better way.” Gerd Meier zu Köcker, VDI/VDE Innovation + Technik GmbH.


You can always learn something from discussions with peers in TCI, and this was a fascinating opportunity to share approaches and experiences. It is always good to challenge and be challenged.” Madeline Smith, The Glasgow School of Art.

TCI Network offers you the possibility to organize or participate in a peer review, a non-paid evaluation performed by a selected group of experienced TCI members. In the course of a practitioner-to-practitioner discussion in 1-2 days, the group reflects about the potential of cluster development in a location and the way to implement concrete programs. A peer review can be carried out on site, by hosting a small delegation of TCI members, or virtually through online platforms.


Contact TCI if you wish to host or participate in a peer review.




Video: Peer reviews