The Secretariat supports, facilitate and coordinates TCI activities and networking. The staff is currently composed of:

Patricia Valdenebro


Patricia is in charge of the implementation of the strategic goals and objectives of TCI, specifically of new services, projects and conference formats designed through a close collaboration with the Board. She supports and facilitates TCI regional chapters and networking activities in coordination with team leaders. Patricia presents TCI to practitioners and heads of cluster programs as potential members and partners of the network and she represents TCI before the media and general public in different events. She is responsible for the overall management of the TCI Secretariat in Barcelona and for the completion of the annual budget and administration of the organization’s resources.




Anna Korten

Communications Officer

Anna serves as Communications Officer in TCI. As such, she serves as a contact point for TCI members and any other person interested in the network. She informs members and the wider cluster community about activities going on in the network and news related to cluster based economic development, assists members with finding relevant information and contacts and creates synergies among them. Anna also supports the expansion of the network by researching other organizations which show potential for becoming new members of TCI and establishing a dialogue with them.




Claudia Soncin

Network Coordinator

Claudia works as Network Coordinator at TCI Network, the global practitioners network for competitiveness, clusters and innovation. From the TCI Secretariat, she supports membership, the annual activities and networking, towards the achievement of TCI's mission, objectives and annual goals.





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