Located in northeastern México in the state of Nuevo León, Monterrey is known for its strong industrial development, world-class education, strategic geographic location for international trade, high standards of health, quality of life, and positive environment for business development.

The economy of Nuevo León state (mainly Monterrey and its metropolitan area as a whole) is one of the largest in México, accounting for 7.5% of the national GDP, producing 10.9% of all manufactured goods in México, and having an income per capita of U.S. $17,170.


Since 2000, clusterization has occupied a significant place in the national agenda as an economic development strategy, contributing substantially to position México as one of the best places to do business today. Nuevo León, the third most important federal entity of the country in economic terms, is nationally recognized as a successful model of clustering.


In May 2012, Monterrey successfully organized the 7th TCI Latin American Cluster Conference. Over 300 participants – coming from different regions of the world, but mainly from Latin America – represented national economic development agencies and regional governments, multilateral organizations, clusters, research institutions and consultants.


It helped to disseminate in México the basics of cluster theory, generating a multiplier effect in the number of governmental and industrial organizations interested in promoting cluster initiatives. The Conference also provided a forum for discussing Latin America’s areas of opportunity for positioning their clusters on a par with European countries. Giving somehow continuity to this conference, the hosts and participants are looking forward to continuing working, learning and bringing to Monterrey the most world-renowned experts.