Find here the TCI 2014 Conference programme with links to each presentation uploaded on the TCI Slideshare channel.

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Monday, 10 November 2014

Opening Conference 

"Monterrey, City of Knowledge"

Jaime Parada, Institute of Innovation and Technology Transfer of Nuevo Leon (I2T2)

Cluster Tours:

  • Aerospace Cluster Tour
  • Software and ICT Cluster Tour
  • Automotive Cluster Tour
  • The Home-Appliances Cluster Tour
  • Monterrey Nanotechnology Cluster (MNC-9)
  • Housing Cluster Tour

Reception CocktailPlanetario Alfa

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Opening Ceremony

  • Gov. Rodrigo Medina, Governor of the State of Nuevo Leon 
  • Rogelio Garza, Undersecretary of Industry and Commerce, Federal Government of Mexico 
  • Rolando Zubiran, Secretary of Economic Development, State Government of Nuevo Leon 
  • Christian Ketels, President, TCI Network 
  • Hugo Lara, President of the Board, Council of Nuevo Leon Clusters


Conference Opening

  • Lotte Langkilde, Director, TCI Network and Executive Director, 2013 TCI Global Conference, Kolding, Denmark 
  • Rolando Zubirán, Secretary of Economic Development, State Government of Nuevo Leon, and President, 2015 TCI Global Conference, Monterrey, Mexico
  • Christian Ketels, President, TCI Network (Moderator)


The Economy of Mexico, the Challenge of Growth

Rogelio Garza, Undersecretary of Industry and Commerce, Federal Government of Mexico.

Manuel Montoya (Moderator)


Coffee Break  


Mexico and Latin American Economies

  • Jaana Remes, McKinsey Global Institute 
  • Carlo Pietrobelli, Competitiveness and Innovation Division, Inter-American Development Bank 
  • Amado Villarreal, Government and Public Transformation of Monterrey Tech 

Alonso Ramos (Moderator)


Cluster Labs

  • Klaus Haasis: Management 3.0 for cluster management – how to be a creative networker under uncertainty. New approaches for Cluster Management from effectuation, scrum, lean startup and more
  • Lotte Langkilde & Thit Juul Madsen Cluster Ecosystems Analysis
  • Werner Pamminger: Cluster Academy Workshop: Learning from a "cluster region" Upper Austria 


Parallel Sessions 1

1.1 Common problems, common markets and shared value creation.

Room A - Moderator: Madeline Smith

  • Carola Muschke / Hamburg Aviation / The EACP (European Aerospace Cluster Partnership).
  • Enric Pedrós / CLUSTER FEMAC / ESCP Natureef - European Strategic Cluster Partnership for a natural resource efficient Europe – fostering solutions via cluster cooperation.
  • Werner Pamminger / Clusterland Upper Austria / Cross-Cluster-Innovation The future is now.
  • Andrés Guimón / Competitiveness / Share Value Creation: the Case of the Healthcare Industry in Barranquilla, Colombia.
  • Etienne Choupay / Pontificia Universidad Católica de Valparaíso / The Importance of the inter-organizational trust of the actors in a wine cluster as a distinguishing element for its competitiveness”.
  • Alberto Pezzi / ACCIÓ-Catalonia Government /Cluster 0.0: Back to Basic.


Room B - Moderator: Joan Martí

  • Juan Pablo Zanlungo / Universidad de Chile / Salmon industry in Chile: an industrial resilience case?.
  • Pavla Bruskova / Tomas Bata University & National Cluster Association-CZ / Raising the regional governments´ commitment to the shared value creation in the Czech Republic.
  • Claudia Milena Vaca / Bogota Chamber of Commerce / The Bogota Chamber of Commerce Cluster Initiative: a mechanism to promote shared value.
  • Carlos Tarrason Collado / Cluster consulting / Shared value creation in the coffee industry in Minas Gerais (MG), Brazil.
  • Richard Walker / TCI Network Oceania / IP Management in Industry Clusters.
  • Enrique Díaz Moreno / Businessfokus / The Cluster's competitiveness perceived by Stakeholders. Indexfokus: The methodology for evaluation of the perceived competitiveness.


Academic 1. The role of clusters in creating shared value.

Room C - Moderator: Emily Wise

  • Elvira Naranjo / EGAP Gobierno y Política Pública / The influence of economic clusters performance in the competitiveness of Nuevo Leon.
  • Sandra Dijk / University Leipzig / The Clustermanagement as an incubator for Service Innovation
  • Saidi Flores / EGAP-ITESM / Methodology for Identifying Potential Stakeholders of a Cluster. The Case of Aerospace Industry in Mexico.
  • Judith Cortés / UPAEP-Sintonía / Sintonía, a main actor creating shared value in Puebla, México
  • Artemisa Gomez Garcia / Instituto Tecnologico Superior de Tepeaca / Vegetable Cluster ITSTEPEACA.
  • Zbigniew Bochniarz / University of Washington / The Role of Clusters in Creating Shared Value.


Parallel Sessions 2

2.1. Cluster as a tool to create global innovation winners and increase competitiveness.

Room A - Moderator: Víctor Salazar

  • Christoph Beer / ICT Cluster Bern, Switzerland / Clusters and open innovation: A well performing team.
  • Espen Warland / Innovation Norway / Global Innovation Winners, Collaboration Project for NCE Clusters in Norway.
  • Jacques Bersier / Science and Technology Center of the Canton of Fribourg / Fostering Competitiveness through transnational cluster.
  • Joep Brouwers / Brainport Development / Brainport Industries Cooperation a rather typical cluster.
  • Rene Tonnisson / Smart City Lab/ How Can Small Countries Use Clusters to Compete on Global Level: The case of Estonian smart city lab cluster initiative.
  • Camilla Christensen / Lund University Open Innovation Center / An international cross-cluster and project ecosystem for boosting business development and innovations


2.2. Cluster implementation in different parts of the world.

Room B - Moderator: Ricardo Apaez

  • Jose Vicente Mogollon / The Cluster Competitiveness Group / How to maximize implementation of cluster initiatives: the role of government and the importance of capacity building:The case of Colombia (2010-2014).
  • Marco Llinás / Alejandro Caicedo / Red Cluster Colombia / Colombian Cluster Network (“Red Cluster Colombia” - RCC) and Colombia’s cluster development efforts.
  • Evgeniy Kutsenko / Higher School of Economics (Russia) / Trust in society and cluster program design in Russia.
  • Marc Papell / CLUSTER DEVELOPMENT COLOMBIA / Differences between clusters in America and the rest of the world.
  • Ulrich Harmes-Liedtke / PTB and Mesopartner / The role of Quality Infrastructure Cluster Competitiveness.


Academic 2. Industrial trends, innovation and the cluster ecosystems.

Room C - Moderator: Amado Villarreal

  • Geunwoo Ryu / Byoungki Kim / Keimyung University/Shiga University / A feasible connectivity on industrial clusters between Dae Gyung in South Korea and Osaka Regional areas in Japan.
  • Francisco Gasca Sánchez / EGAP ITESM / High Tech Clusters in Urban Areas: Localization and Geographical Nearness with Universities in the Metropolitan Area of Monterrey.
  • Teresa Paiva / Instituto Politecnico da Guarda / Innovation and knowledge transference in a cluster user‐driven innovation perspective–the Inovcluster experience.
  • Daniel Covarrubias / Orkestra-Basque Institute of Competitiveness / Promoting Cross--‐Border Inter--‐clustering:The case of the Aquitaine–Euskadi Euroregion.
  • John Hobbs / Department of Management and Enterprise, Cork Institute of Technology / Visualisation of Linkages in Networked Clusters (V-LINC): Analysis of the ICT Cluster Ecosystem in Cork, Ireland.
  • Juan Carlos Sosa Giraldo / Consultor Investigador / Innovative Cluster.


Shared Value Creation

Federic Miribel (Moderator)


TCI General Assembly


TCI Social Event

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Panel: Birth of Clusters in Mexico

  • Hugo Lara, President of Nuevo Leon’s Cluster Council, Former CEO of Vitro and Member of the First Board of the Automotive Cluster of Nuevo Leon
  • Cuauhtémoc Ayala, Cemex, Mexico
  • Jaime Lomelín, Former President, Fresnillo PLC and Peñoles Group, Founding President, Cluster Minero de Zacatecas 
  • Fidel Otake, CEO of GKN Driveline Mexico, President of the Automotive Cluster of Guanajuato 

Eduardo Ruiz Esparza (Moderator) 


Role of Innovation & Entrepreneurship in Competitiveness and Regional Economic Performance

Christian Ketels (Moderator)


Coffee Break


New Cluster Approaches: Inner City Clusters, Metropolitan Food Clusters, Cross National Clusters

Klaus Hassis (Moderator)


CtoC Meetings and Regional Development Agencies Meeting


TCI Networking Session




Parallel Sessions 3

3.1. Cluster implementation in different parts of the world.

Room A - Moderator: Hans Eirik Melandsø

  • Manuel Montoya / Cluster Automotriz de Nuevo Leon / Building a gold label cluster in Mexico: The Automotive Cluster of Nuevo Leon.
  • Gaute Moldestad / The Industrial Development Corporation of Norway / The role of a national Norwegian infrastructure of innovation companies in cluster development and operation.
  • Eduard Ribas / Cluster Development / Lessons from more than a decade of policy clusters: Medellin (Antioquia) and Barcelona (Catalonia).
  • Adolfo Moreno / Medellin Chamber of Commerce / The case of Medellin Health City.
  • Tiyan Shen / Cluster management in China.
  • Ineés Sagrario / Competitiveness / Cluster-based regional development programs in Latin America and Europe: Failures, successes and lessons learned for the future.


3.2 Topics on New Cluster Trends.

Room B - Moderator: Enric Pedrós

  • Jaime Quesado / CEIIA - Cluster of Mobility / Clusters and reindustrialization.
  • David Fernández Terreros / SPRI /Clusters, FDI policies and competitiveness in the light of RIS3: The Basque Country case.
  • Juul Thit Madsen / Design Cluster / Design for clusters and clusters for design.
  • Xavier Ginesta / University of Vic / Building cluster brands: Methodological bases for its definition and conceptualization.
  • Tomas Sibaja, Aerospace Cluster of Baja California / The aerospace industry in Mexico and the embryo role of cluster formation


Academic 3. The evolution of clusters: From the competitive advantage of nations to the cluster initiatives Greenbook 2.0.

Room C - Moderator: Jaime Echeverri

  • Ulrich Harmes-Liedtke / Mesopartner / Is cluster promotion an obvious or complex endeavor?
  • Elisabet Juan Tresserra / Freelance / The evolution of cluster policies in Europe from regions to cluster organizations: The cluster trap.
  • Emily Wise / IEC/Research Policy Group at Lund University / Clusters and innovation ecosystems – same-same, or different?
  • Scott Dempwolf / University of Maryland / Evolving the Regional Innovation Cluster Paradigm for an Innovation Driven Economy
  • Armando Peña Castro / Simon Bolivar University / Key success factors on footwear agglomerations.

Coffee Break

Parallel Sessions 4

4.1. New Cluster Policies and Cluster Evaluation.

Room A - Moderator: Alberto Pezzi

  • Hans Eirik Melandsø / Innovation Norway / Introducing the new Norwegian cluster program
  • Madeline Smith / Institute of Design Innovation, Glasgow School of Art / Cluster evaluation working group: Collating expertise and evidencing cluster value.
  • Frédéric Miribel / Invest in Lyon / 15 years of Clusters and Pole de Compétitivité in France: Evaluation of a bottom-up and top-down approach.
  • Lorena Rivera León / Technopolis Group / Approaches to cluster policies and evaluation: Evidence from EU initiatives in the last 10 years.
  • John Hobbs / Cork Institute of Technology / Visualisation of Linkages in Networked Clusters (V-LINC): Analysis of the Biopharma Cluster Ecosystem in Cork, Ireland.
  • Emily Wise / Lund University / Evaluating the human element in clusters.


4.2. Topics on New Cluster Trends.

Room B - Moderator: Carlos Tarrasón

  • Zbigniew Bochniarz / University of Wahington / Industrial trends, innovation and cluster ecosystems.
  • Lotte Langkilde / Danish Cluster Academy / David meets Goliath: Collaboration between entrepreneurs and large corporations in clusters.
  • Antonio Ruiz Molina / TASO / Getting long-term sustainable clusters through cluster incubators’ support.
  • Nadine Barthel / Project Future | Berlin’s Senate Department for Economics, Technology and Research/ Cross innovation: How collaboration with creative clusters boosts other business.
  • Joan Martí Estévez / ACCIÓ-Catalonia Government / Attraction, retention and professionalization of cluster managers.


4.3 Topics on new cluster trends.

Room C - Moderator: Ted Lyman

  • Éva Skultéti / Pharmapolis Debrecen Innovative Pharmaceutical Cluster / Hungarian best way: From the cluster definition to the world class cluster. Sectors. What is cross innovation?
  • Ilaria Massari / Politecnico di Milano University - CESVIN Innovation Center / World-class cluster born on reindustrialization of the settlement of Olivetti.
  • Jaime Echeverri / Cluster ecosystem, innovation and sustainability: The case of Medellin.
  • Cecilia Johansson / Vinnova / An effort to strengthen national growth through cross-clustering.
  • Jose Martinez / IT@Baja/ Clustering small IT companies to attend a big market.


Reindustrialization of North America and the Role of Clusters

  • Scott Paradise, Vice President Marketing and Business Development for Magna International
  • John Spears, Director of Clusters and Skils Initiatives, U.S. Small Business Administration

Eduardo Ruiz Esparza (Moderator)


Gala Dinner: Sopladores Pavilion, Fundidora Park.

Thursday, 13 November 2014

Clusters in Latin America

Patricia Valdenebro (Moderator) 


Clusters in North America 

  • Sarah Jane Maxted & Richard Bryden, Harvard Business School, US Cluster Mapping
  • Alfredo Sánchez, Mexico-United States Entrepreneurship and Innovation Council (MUSEIC) 
  • John Spears, Director of Clusters and Skills Initiatives, U.S. Small Business Administration

Christian Ketels (Moderator)


Cluster Models in the World

  • Christian Ketels, President, TCI Network and Harvard Business School
  • Ifor Ffowcs-Williams, Cluster Navigators, New Zealand
  • Jaime Parada, Institute of Innovation and Technology Transfer of Nuevo Leon (I2T2)
  • Alberto Pezzi, ACCIÓ, Government of Catalonia

Karin Gjerlow (Moderator)


Coffee Break


Beyond Industrial Policy

Alberto Pezzi (Moderator)


Future Cluster Policy in Korea: Towards Global Collaboration Cluster Program


Passing the Torch Ceremony

  • Nam Hoon Kang, CEO, KICOX "Cluster in the Creative Economy, Daegu Korea"

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