03 November 2015
06 November 2015
Korea, Republic Of


The 18th TCI Global Conference was held in Daegu, Republic of Korea on 3-6 November 2015. Under the theme of "Clusters in a Creative Economy. New Agendas for Companies and Policy Makers ", 900 cluster practitioners, policy makers, academics and business persons from 86 countries and institutions like the World Bank and UNIDO gathered to exchange experiences and discuss clusters in a creative economy.


Hosted by MOTIE, the Ministry of Trade, Industry & Energy of the Republic of Korea and organized by KICOX - Korea Industrial Complex Corp in collaboration with TCI Network, the four day-day event included discussions on major themes of cluster development.



Both KICOX and the TCI Network see this event as a major step in strengthening ties between clusters in Asia and the rest of the world. The result of the discussions held during the conference will be the foundation of further projects between the two organizations, so as to create a reference for cluster based economic development in Asia.


The theme:

Themed Clusters in a Creative Economy. New Agendas for Companies and Policy Makers”, TCI 2015 examined the latest thinking and developments on competitiveness support, innovation eco-systems and cluster development and offered four days of intense networking, connecting delegates from around the world. Leading experts and practitioners from Europe, Americas, Oceania and Asia shared insights and addressed the role that clusters play and the policy agendas and business dynamics necessary to face the challenges of the creative economy.



The conference organizer: KICOX

Korea Industrial Complex Corp. (KICOX) is a specialized institution for industrial complex that operates and supports the industrial complexes that lead the drastic growth of Korean economy for close to 50 years with its beginning of Guro Industrial Complex in 1964. KICOX has experienced diverse functional changes in meeting with the economic growth and industrial paradigm and it is actively attempting to break away from the past to be a corporate support service institution for the sustainable growth for all customers.

For this purpose, it closely supports for sustainable growth of business enterprises in the industrial complex field as well as undertaking diverse businesses for regional investment expansion, job generation, FTA facilitation of small and medium companies, accompanied growth support and others.


Moreover KICOX has the industrial complex structure improvement project that targets to help old and outdated industrial complexes enhance their competitiveness.


In 2014, KICOX was relocated to Daegu, which is the 3rd largest city of Korea and has been traditionally considered as one of the political, economic and cultural hub cities.