Find here the TCI 2015 Conference programme with links to each presentation uploaded on the TCI Slideshare channel.

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Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Opening Session: New Direction of Cluster Policy in a Creative Economy


Parallel Sessions 1

1.1 Performance of Outstanding Enterprise Participating in the Cluster Program

Room 320 - Moderator: Dr. Yong Hwan Kim


1.2 Analysis of Cluster Models and Cluster Ecosystem

Room 321 - Moderator: Prof. Young Jun Kim

1.3 Shaping Creative Economies through Clusters

Room 322 - Moderator: Mr. Gavin Artz


1.4 New Direction in Cluster Policy for Sustainable and Inclusive Competitiveness

Room 323 - Moderator: Mr. Alberto Pezzi


1.5 Accelerating Cluster Growth in Asian Countries

Room 324A - Moderator: Dr. Jong Woo Kang


Special Plenary Session: Clusters in Korea - Development Process and Achievement


Plenary Session 1: Asian Cluster Model - New Perspective and Trends

Thursday, 5 November 2015

Plenary Session 2: An Infinite Opportunity - Creativity and Innovation


Cluster Labs


Parallel Sessions 2

2.1 Cluster Models Worldwide. Unique Features, Common Challenges

Room 320 Moderator: Ms. Tracy Scott-Rimington


2.2 New Role of Clusters in the Broader Economic Context

Room 321 Moderator: Mr. Ning Wang


2.3 Cross-Sectoral Innovation

Room 322 Moderator: Mr. Jaime Echeverri


2.4 Successful Internationalization Strategies (Part 1)

Room 323 Moderator: Mr. Manuel Montoya Ortega


2.5 Developing Skills for Professional Cluster Management

Room 324A Moderator: Mr. Richard Walker


Parallel Sessions 3

3.1 Cluster Dynamic Research. Implicatons on Cluster Perfomance and Business Competitiveness

Room 320 Moderator: Prof. Sungjae Choo


3.2 Clusters Promoting Cooperation and Effective Convergence between Industries

Room 321 Moderator: Dr. Danka Milojkovic


3.3 Articulating Collaboration among Cluster Actors

Room 322 Moderator: Mr. Ifor Ffowcs-Williams


3.4 Successful Internationalization Strategies (Part 2)

Room 323 Moderator: Mr. Manuel Montoya Ortega


3.5 Tools and Methodologies for Effective Cluster Management and Cluster Performance Improvement

Room 324A Moderator: Mr. Vincent Dugré


Plenary Session 3: Global Cooperation and Cluster Internationalization


Friday, 6 November 2015

Plenary Session 4: Facing the Challenges of a Creative Economy

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