Find easily all presentations given during the TCI 2016 Global Conference in Eindhoven. Follow the programme with links to each presentation uploaded on the TCI Slideshare channel.


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Touring Day

Welcome by Joep Brouwers, Brainport Development and Ivo Demmers, Wageningen University


1. High Tech Tour


2. Software Tour


3. Agrifood Tour


4. Food Innovation Tour


5. Biobased Tour


6. Cleantech Tour


7. Smart Mobility Tour

8. Sports & Tech Tour


Summit Day

Opening & Welcome


The international perspective on clusters and their physical location


Economic growth, start-up and scale-up companies and their link with clusters

  • The importance of scale-up companies in the digital age, Paul Hofheinz, The Lisbon Council
  • The disruptive function of tech startups, Claire Ruskin, Cambridge Network Ltd.


Scientist forum on Smart Specialisation related to clusters

  • Dominque Foray, Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne
  • Ron Boschma, University of Utrecht and Centre for Innovation, Research and Competence in the Learning Economy (CIRCLE) at Lund University
  • What drives prosperity?, Christian Ketels, Harvard Business School and TCI Network


The transformation of competition and its business implications

Working Day - Academic Track

A1.1 Cluster Evaluation


A2 Collaborative Learning


A3 Cluster Governance


A1.2 Cluster Evaluation

Working Day - Cities & Competitiveness

C1 Brainport Eindhoven Region

  • Rob van Gijzel, European Digital Leader (NL)


C3 Failing with clusters

  • Sebastiaan Berendse, KplusV (NL)
  • Marloes Hoogerbrugge, Platform 31 (NL)


C4 Clusters enabling city economies (Barcelona/Glasgow)


C5 Understanding the dynamics of territory


C6 From clusters to lead markets; insights from the Ruhr metropolis

  • Börje Wichert, Business Development Agency metropoleruhr (DE)


C7 Cities as driving force for competitiveness and clustering


C8 Stimulating cooperation in city networks


C9 Organising urban systems for competitive advantage


Working Day - Modern cluster policy

P1 Enhancing growth from an EU perspective


P2 Scotland's next chapter

  • Linda Hanna, Scottish Enterprise (GB)


P3 Towards a green transformation

  • Ulrich Harmes-Liedtke, Mesopartner (AR)


P4 A taste of worldwide cluster approaches


P5 Re-aligning clusters to policy priorities


P6 Dutch clusters on stage

  • Dutch clusters on stage, Ingrid Coninx, Wageningen Environmental Research, Hans Rijnten, Economic Board Utrecht, Mirjam Mol, Pivot Park & James Wilson, Orkestra – Basque Institute of Competitiveness


P7 Evaluation in Nordic Countries

  • Evaluation in Nordic Countries, Göran Andersson and Moa Eklund, Vinnova (SE); Morten Solgaard Thomsen, Danish Agency for Science, Technology and Innovation (DK) and Knut Senneseth, Innovation Norway (NO)


P8 Today's and tomorrow's cluster approach


P9 Learning of different stages


P10 Clusters strengthening macro-regional collaboration


P11 Adapting cluster policies for S3

Working Day - Managing learning networks

N1 Cluster manager as civic entrepreneur

  • Miranda Ebbekink, Radboud University | Lysias Consulting Group (NL)


N2 Leveraging knowledge for firms and clusters


N4 Intercontinental cluster collaboration


N5 Cluster development success factors


N6 Understanding internationalisation


N7 Leadership


N8 Cluster development in small, remote regions

  • Ifor Ffowcs-Williams, Cluster Navigators Ltd (NZ)


N9 An expert perspective on new Brainport clusters

  • Ewit Roos, Photon Delta (NL)
  • Ruud van Iwaarden, Brainport Development (NL)
  • Merete Daniel Nielsen, Cluster Excellence Denmark (DK)


N11 Supporting innovation environments: do’s and don’ts


N12 The future of leadership and organizational development in clusters

  • Klaus Haasis, Combine Innovation GmbH (DE)
  • Merete Daniel Nielsen, Cluster Excellence Denmark (DK)


NS1 Team effectiveness

  • Dick Otter & John Ogink, GoudenTeam (NL)


NS2 Group dynamics in multiparty collaboration


NS3 Boosting social innovation

  • Olga Mink, Baltan Laboratories (NL)


NS4 Managing uncertainty & complexity

  • Marcus Jenal, Mesopartner (GB)

Working Day - Food clusters

F1 Creating food clusters: lessons from governments worldwide

  • Agripark, Leone Archary, Rural development & Land reform (ZA)


F2 Internationalization & lean landing


F3 Applying the circular economy


F4 Food cluster Xchange worldwide


F5 Food cluster Xchange: toolkit


F6 RE-tour Agrofood

  • Pieter van Hout, ZLTO (NL)


F7 RE-tour Food Innovation

  • Pieter Rijzebol, provincie Gelderland (NL)


F8 RE-tour Biobased

  • Vincent Lokin, AgriFood Capital ,(NL)


F9 High-tech & food matchmaking session

  • Frans Kampers, Wageningen University & Research (NL)
  • José Vogelenzang, Wageningen University & Research (NL)


F10 Food clusters: creating a common policy advice

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