07 November 2017
09 November 2017


The TCI Network's 20th Anniversary Global Conference 2017 will be held in Bogota, Colombia on 7-9 November 2017 on the theme of "The future of clusters through cross-country & cross-region collaboration".


Hosted by TCI member Bogota Chamber of Commerce, the conference will focus on collaboration and complementarity alliances between developed and developing countries for better policies, better business, and better management practices. Identifying cluster emerging trends.



About the host

The Bogota Chamber of Commerce is a private, non-for-profit organization whose goal is to foster a sustainable Bogota-Region in the long term, by promoting its residents’ prosperity, through services which enhance and strengthen the enterprise capabilities present in the region, and which improve the business environment with an impact over public policies.


Bogota has been working on cluster development agendas for the past five years, led by the Bogota Chamber of Commerce. Today, the city has 13 cluster initiatives in the following sectors: apparel; jewelry; footwear, leather and leather products; business and events-related tourism; gastronomy; music; creative and content-related industries; dairy; software and IT; energy; graphic communications; cosmetics; and health.


The city, with around 8 million residents, constitutes an important regional market, underpinned by a comprehensive and varied economy. A GDP that currently accounts for roughly 25% of the country's total, which surpasses that of several countries in Latin America, makes it by far the most important market in Colombia and one of the most attractive in Latin America.


Moreover, in the last year, supported by the Chamber of Commerce’s leadership, Bogota has been putting in place its Regional Innovation Smart Specialization Strategy (RIS3) as a way of focalizing the efforts and resources of numerous actors from the private and public sectors and academia. Under this strategy Bogota has defined the following 5 priority areas: “Bogota Creative Region”, “Bio-hub”, “Enterprise Services”, “Advanced Knowledge Hub”, and “Sustainable City-Region”.


With these cluster development initiatives and RIS3 strategy in place, supported by some new national-level policies (ie. Productive Development Policy and Science, Technology, and Innovation Policy) under the National Competitiveness, Science, Technology, and Innovation System, Bogota is striving for a substantial productive transformation that will lead it to high levels of economic and social prosperity.